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Published: Friday, 27 September, 2019

It was with great joy that I read Grade 5 students, Clea-Rose and Eshani’s thoughtful article on what it means to be a Red Hat. They beautifully capture the fulfillment that comes from both being a role model, and the wonderfully positive experience of having a role model in your life.

In leading schools, leaders and teachers model the behavior, learning, skills, and attitudes they want to see in others. They “walk the talk” and set high expectations for themselves and others.  At ISKL, it is not just our faculty and staff who walk the talk with passion and conviction but also our students. Whether demonstrating sportsmanship on the field, affecting change in our community or becoming a Trash Hero, every day we see our students model the positive behaviors and attitudes that help make our world a better place.

I truly believe in the difference a positive role model can make, and Clea-Rose and Eshani’s comments, and those of the ES and MS students they interviewed, reminded me of a role model who had such a long-lasting impact on my life. Many years ago, when working as a music teacher at a school in Zambia, I was encouraged by a colleague I very much respected to take advantage of an opportunity to teach mathematics whilst I was still a student studying the subject. As a result I became a passionate mathematics teacher and that opportunity went on to open doors throughout my career. Role models can change our outlook, our behavior and our belief in ourselves. I am forever grateful to the role model who encouraged and inspired me to see an opportunity for growth.

So thank you Red Hats for reminding us of the power that role models can have in our lives. It is great to see you taking advantage of this opportunity to grow, be all you are, and model the behaviors that you want to see in others. Our school is fortunate to benefit from your leadership skills, inspiring attitudes and determination to change the world!

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Yours in collaboration and learning,

Rami Madani
Head of School

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