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Panthers of ISKL Andrew L

This week, we met up with senior student Andrew L. who recently joined the “Breakthrough Junior Challenge” for 2020!

This annual global competition, sponsored by partners such as non-profit education provider Khan Academy, and the National Geographic Partners LLC was designed to inspire creative thinking about Science for students aged 13 to 18. Students take part by creating a short video to explain a big idea in Physics, Mathematics, Life Sciences or Covid-19 field/s in an entertaining and engaging way.

Besides his fascination with Science, Andrew loves playing sports, watching films, playing video games, and has a huge interest in film, especially behind the scenes!

Andrew joined ISKL in January 2019, having lived in South Korea and Singapore before moving to Kuala Lumpur.

Here is his story.

 “I happened to come across the Breakthrough Junior Challenge quite late. I have always been intrigued by theories and concepts, so I decided to challenge myself to create an entertaining video explaining an exciting approach.

‘I chose a theory based around the idea of Time Dilation. It took around two weeks to complete the video – the editing process was exceptionally difficult for me and took the longest. During the editing process, I learned many new ways to be creative with the editing choices.

Andrew and friends‘The advice that I have for those who would like to take part in this challenge is to plan early ahead. Furthermore, taking part made me learn many new techniques, especially the editing factor. Also, regardless of how difficult the process is to create the video, always be resilient.

‘I am motivated, inspired, and driven by my future self. I think that it is essential to have someone you want to become; however, in my case, I believe that it does not need to be a person that exists either in real life or a fictional character. Consequently, I find it essential that one should believe in one’s abilities and capabilities. Regardless of the failures and setbacks one faces, you must always stay determined and believe in yourself!

Andrew and friends in SAS

‘After I graduate from ISKL, I am looking forward to attending university and to venture out to experience adulthood. I have semi-structured plans for my career pathway, however I do plan to study business in the future.

‘If I were in a position of wealth or power in the future, I would invest in renewable resources or potentially research in creating new technologies that would develop the economic and social world.

Andrew in KLCC

“I hope that humanity will one day be able to settle down from their struggles with discrimination, inequality, and injustice; however, such a day may be tough to achieve unless we all cooperate.”

What does “Be All You Are” mean to you?

“To me, it means that one should be everything he or she can be. To use your full potential to become the greatest person, you can use your abilities. By doing so, one can push their limits to become stronger, smarter, and better in every way possible.

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