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IASAS Season 2 Teams

The IASAS Season 2 of the 2023-2024 academic year was an unforgettable, thrilling, and fun-filled event. Our varsity teams, which included Basketball, Rugby, Swimming, Tennis, and Touch Rugby, showed incredible Panther spirit, resilience, and sportsmanship where our Panthers formed strong bonds and friendships with peers from other IASAS schools, making the event a true testament to the power of teamwork, dedication, and sportsmanship.

In this blog, we catch up with our very own ISKL- IASAS Season 2 athletes and find out as a team what they were most proud of, what their most memorable moments were, and what advice they would give to fellow athletes taking part next season.

Here are their stories:



HS Varsity Boys Basketball Team

(Words by Jake R. (‘24))

Describe your most memorable moment as a team during the IASAS tournament.

My favorite moment during the IASAS tournament took place after one of our games as the team was showering and changing for our next game. Although we had just experienced a tough, hard-fought defeat, our team was still engaging and interacting positively with one another. Nobody blamed anyone for their mistakes or criticized decisions they may have made. Instead, we were all joking and having fun with one another. I realized at this moment how our team was not just a group of players but a family of close friends who played together for each other.

As a team, what were you most proud of?

Our IASAS ended in an unfortunate 5/6 game. After enduring defeat after defeat over the two days, the entire team felt tired and down. I had expected most of us to come out with little motivation to win the game. To my surprise, I found every player giving every last bit of energy they had, leaving everything on the court. Even though we didn’t manage to win the game, we were determined to win throughout the entire game.

Do you have any advice for ISKL athletes participating in IASAS Season 3?

The most valuable advice I can offer upcoming IASAS players is the importance of hard work and dedication. Each season, as I reflect on the teams that beat us, I realize the differences in work ethic that led us to our final position.

At the end of the day, success in athletics is most often the result of countless hours of training. It is important to note that winning is not a personal effort. Regardless of how much time any individual spends training and perfecting their skills, it is impossible to succeed if their teammates are not doing the same. Every team needs a leader willing to step up and motivate others to push themselves harder each practice.


HS Varsity Girls Basketball Team

(Words by Ira S. (‘24))

Describe your most memorable moment as a team during the IASAS tournament.

After our last game against International School Bangkok (ISB), we went into the locker room and shared a long moment of appreciation for each other. As a Senior, this moment was definitely bittersweet, as I had just begun to realize that this was the last time I would be with this team and play basketball for ISKL. We bonded over how we have improved immensely throughout the season and took pride in how much we fought for each game.

As a team, what were you most proud of?

As said earlier, I am proud of how far we have come. We were highly underestimated this season but changed this perception at the exchange and IASAS. Our win against the Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS) at the exchange gave us the confidence to enter IASAS with high spirits and motivation. We worked incredibly hard throughout the season to keep our energy up, defend strong, and maintain a tightly-knit team. Therefore, despite a disappointing overall result, it does not indicate our abilities and game sense as a team. We fought hard in each and had three very close matches, including our last game against ISB, where we made it to overtime.

Do you have any advice for ISKL athletes participating in IASAS Season 3?

Ensure that you have a winning mindset going into the season. For team sports, prioritize bonding to improve team chemistry on the field or court. This is especially vital if your team has a good variety of different grades. You got this; go, Panthers!


HS Varsity Boys Rugby Team

(Words by Lucas M. (‘25))

As a team, what were you most proud of?

Rugby is a very intense sport and requires a lot of hard work, so I’ll always be proud of my teammates for putting every ounce of strength they have in a game. When I see someone crawling to the bench because they got ten tackles and had a nice run during the game, I feel proud that that person is my teammate. Seeing someone finish the last lap of conditioning while looking like they’re on death’s door makes me proud and motivated to work hard myself.

Rugby is a brotherhood sport. When one person wins, we all win; when one person loses, we all lose, and that’s the beauty of it.

Do you have any advice for ISKL athletes participating in IASAS Season 3?

I advise Season 3 athletes and anyone wanting to join a sport to make the most of it. The season will go by faster than you think, and you’ll never know when you’ll have your last IASAS, so enjoy every moment. Sports were the best thing about school, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the teams I’ve been on. So, mess around with your friends, enjoy the competition, and push through the hard work!


HS Varsity Boys Swimming Team

(Words by Ole Christian N. (‘24))

Describe your most memorable moment as a team during the IASAS tournament.

The most memorable moment we had during IASAS in Jakarta was when we knew we had won the bronze medal. It was during the final race of the competition, the 4×100 meter free relay. We had our boys swimming: Tommy (26’), Dylan (26’), Ryan C. (25’), and Alan (26’). Even though the only goal of this specific event was not to disqualify, as we would then lose to the International School of Bangkok (ISB), we still cheered our boys on with loads of energy and excitement. It was the best feeling in the world when the race ended, and we knew we had won that medal – I believe I speak on behalf of everyone when I say that!

As a team, what were you most proud of?

One thing that we are extremely proud of is everyone’s performance. Everyone on the team pushed themselves to the limit and well beyond with everything they had. This is why we could pull off the bronze medal in the first place.

Another thing that stands with great pride is the feeling of being a team. When you swim together every day, every morning, you get close to your teammates – this is something rather special about swimming in particular. During IASAS, everyone was so supportive of each other. We cheered each other on during the races until our voices gave out. Whether the race went well or not, everyone was there for you, giving you a high five, a hug, and encouragement.

Do you have any advice for ISKL athletes participating in IASAS Season 3?

With this being my last IASAS tournament ever, I have realized what is most important in sports and life. My biggest advice for any sport that is participated in is to have fun and enjoy it! This does not mean that you shouldn’t take it seriously or shouldn’t work hard, but everything you do must be enjoyable and rewarding. If it might not go your way, keep your head up, know you tried your best, and value the experience.


HS Varsity Girls Swimming Team

(Words by Mina E. (‘24))

As a team, what were you most proud of?

Swimming is the only sport at ISKL where our team is connected as one. We don’t necessarily refer to ourselves as the “Varsity Girls Team” and the “Varsity Boys Team” – they’ve always been combined. From our training every morning before school to our team bonding to the collaboration of the captains, it’s always been one team, one big family.

During IASAS, the most memorable moments revolved around the bonding between everybody on the team, specifically in the five days we had spent together, through travel and competing. I was proud of how much everybody fought during IASAS. After the first day in Jakarta, I remember the coaches telling us that the girls were currently in 4th place overall – we were all incredibly happy and in disbelief! Although the next couple of days were a fight and we resulted in 6th place, the amount of cheering, the tears shed, the voices lost, and the countless hugs from each other made all our efforts worth it. Our boys took home the bronze, and we couldn’t be prouder (we joke that it was because of the girls’ cheering).

Regardless of the outcome in team points, our girls also won medals, broke their personal best times, and supported one another in the truest, most loving form. We held our posters proudly, screamed our cheers shamelessly, and encouraged each other through everything, even when we felt defeated. We also became closer to our coaches during IASAS. They rooted for us and never failed to encourage us to continue fighting during this emotional rollercoaster of an event. We trusted them, and they trusted us – I am grateful for their efforts to make us the best we can be.

I am proud of how close the team got to one another and how connected and supportive we were to the other teams of IASAS. Whether I looked around the pool deck or even in the pool after a race, our team was constantly interacting with somebody from another team – conversing with one another, congratulating and exchanging a handshake, or taking photos together with laughter. As a captain, seeing this made me proud to represent ISKL and our swim team.

Being a Senior, this IASAS has been the best I’ve ever experienced, and I feel lucky that this was my last one before I graduated. It was the people I met, my team, and, of course, the performance of my swimming that made it unforgettable. I cut time off my best events, and so did my teammates. We overcame the frustration of the events that didn’t go as well and never failed to cheer each other up. Thank you to my team for making this experience unique and memorable; you made me feel like I’ve found my place.


HS Varsity Boys Tennis Team

(Words by Jaiswin R. (‘25))

“We are proud of our performance this season as a team. Although we didn’t win any matches, we did win games, unlike last year, where we didn’t win any games at all.

Last year, we didn’t know what to expect, but this year, we were ready to face the challenges that came our way. The competition was indeed tough. We had to face national-level players, players with 8+ years of experience, and players with unique playing styles, but we still tried to win! When we weren’t playing, we were watching – the determination that every team had motivated us to be stronger.

We felt that the effort we put in, the things we learned, and the connections we built were by far our most significant victories this season, and nobody can take that away from us. Tennis isn’t simply about winning or losing but the relentless pursuit of personal growth, resilience, and the spirit to overcome challenges.”


HS Varsity Girls Tennis Team

(Words by Eliza H. (‘26))

Describe your most memorable moment as a team during the IASAS tournament.

Undoubtedly, our most memorable moment as a team was when all 16 of us played a match on a single court together. We were done with all our matches against the other schools and just wanted to do something fun. We started playing mixed doubles with the boys, but that gradually turned into a chaotic match, and we all ended up on one court. It was a perfect bonding experience, and we needed to laugh after all of our hard matches.

As a team, what were you most proud of?

We’re proud of how we stuck together as a team, even when winning seemed unlikely. Even though we knew we weren’t the favorites, we cheered each other on and had a blast.

The key for us was not giving up, no matter what. We supported each other through our highs and lows, so our pride doesn’t come from winning but from the strong bonds we built. Our journey together was truly something special.


HS Varsity Girls Touch Team

(Words by Aditi S. (‘24))

Describe your most memorable moment as a team during the IASAS tournament.

It was our game against ISM (International School of Manila). Leading up to it, there was no weight on our shoulders, and we were excited to get on the pitch and try new moves. We knew they were a strong team, but after that game, we proved to ourselves and them that we were also a strong team.
The commentator’s enthusiastic declaration of “And ISKL goes bananas!” during the final try wasn’t just about celebrating a score; it captured the essence of our team spirit and the passion we brought to the game. It wasn’t just about the numbers on the scoreboard but about the resilience and spirit we displayed.

As a team, what were you most proud of?

I am proud of how much we grew throughout the season and the tournament, both as a team and as individual players. We worked hard throughout the season and truly gave our all at the IASAS tournament. We started learning new moves and strategies that were helping us score, and in the end, every player was shining on the field. Looking back at the team at our first game against ISB (International School of Jakarta) and our last round-robin game against ISM (International School of Manila), I can confidently say we are a completely different team. I could not be more proud of everyone.

Do you have any advice for ISKL athletes participating in IASAS Season 3?

Our coaches always told us, “Have faith in yourself and each other, play confidently, and know that success is defined from within.” Once you start believing in yourself and trusting your teammates, everything else will fall into place. But most importantly, have fun in the process. Sports at ISKL are a wonderful way to get to know individuals in other grades who share your passions. So, build strong relationships with your teammates and cherish the wonderful memories you will make.


Do you know of any student, teacher, parent, or staff who always has an anecdote to tell, loves to share some insights into their passions and interests, or simply is a Panther through and through? Nominate them to be featured in our Panthers of ISKL stories by sending in your submissions here.

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