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The IASAS Culcon Film & Visual Arts Delegates

16 Film and Visual Arts HS students traveled to the Jakarta International School (JIS) on November 8 – 12 for the IASAS Cultural Convention, where students explored their passions with fellow IASAS students and professional artists.

Here, we catch up with some of the delegates, Mark M. (‘24), Sissi C. (‘25), and Yuna O. (‘25) and find out about the film screening opening night, the workshops they attended, the films and artworks they created and their most memorable moments.

Here are their stories:



ISKL Culcon Film Team

(Words by Mark M. (‘24))

Please tell us more about any workshops and events you attended during IASAS.

During IASAS, we attended several workshops with directors/producers in the industry who gave us amazing insight into how to be better filmmakers. We also had the chance to collaborate with members of other IASAS schools to make a 48-hour film challenge called Kembali, which we then premiered to all the CulCon participants.

Culcon film team workshop

Tell us more about the film you created for the IASAS opening night. What inspired you to make this, and what are you most proud of?

Meet Cute is the film’s name, which I worked on with Morgan C., Anderson W., and Hyunjoo K. In short, it is a simple story of two people destined to meet, but when they do, nothing happens. It subverts the typical cliches of “meet cutes” and fate we often see happen in movies.

We were inspired by the prompt pada akhirnya which means “eventually” in Bahasa Melayu. I am most proud of the compliments we all received for the film during CulCon, especially when people would talk about it with us, not even knowing we made it!

Describe your most memorable moments during IASAS.

Film Team at Jakarta

My most memorable moment during IASAS was the formal banquet we had on the first day, where we appreciated everyone’s art and film, as it was inspiring and interesting to see how people interpreted the film challenge prompt.


Sissi ISKL visual artist

Sissi C. (‘25)

Tell us more about some of the workshops you participated in in Jakarta.

It was a pleasure to participate in this year’s IASAS Culcon, where we had a chance to learn, collaborate, and get to know such talented guest artists and student participants of the IASAS schools!

At the Jakarta International School (JIS), we attended workshops that enriched our understanding of cultural diversity, specifically of Jakarta, by exploring the realm of 2D to 3D art making. The workshops included contemporary batik, mural painting, wire sculpture/jewelry making, and an additional exploration, Bregas pottery adventure, where we designed and carved our tiles. The workshop sessions allowed me to explore various new art-making techniques and mediums. I learned to create my artwork efficiently and accept that not all of these explorations should be perfect. Instead, they should be able to develop new experiences and skills and learn what works and what does not.

The Climb by Sissi C
The Climb by Sissi C.

Specifically, the contemporary batik workshop allowed me to immerse myself in learning about Indonesian culture and different techniques when working with wax and colored dyes. The mural painting challenged my ability to quickly develop ideas to work on larger canvases to complete as much progress as possible within the time limitations. The jewelry-making workshop made me think about creating a composition that utilizes continuous lines to create a wearable accessory. At first, it was challenging to create detailed patterns; however, from the suggestions of the other students and the support of the workshop leader, I managed to create a final product that I was satisfied with. Finally, tile designing allowed me to explore how to effectively use shapes and patterns and the depth of my carving marks to create meaningful tiles.

Please describe the artwork you exhibited at the IASAS Cultural Convention.

My artwork is entitled The Climb, and the mediums that I used were gouache and colored pencils.

The inspiration for my artwork derives from a brief dream that I had one day, which is why I used soft and bright colors throughout my artwork. With my painting, I want to convey that hope is always present despite the numerous obstacles we must face in achieving our goals in the race against time. The lush trees and dirt path symbolize the transition from childhood freedom to maturity, where we no longer have daily leisure. The ambiguity of the snow mountains, coupled with the multiple layers of symbolism throughout my painting, evokes the complexity of the climb towards attaining success: the checkered flag at the apex of the snow mountain symbolizes one’s goal(s), and the setting sun clock illustrates that time waits for no one thus, we must race against time to meet our goals.

I chose not to include a subject in my painting because when each person looks at my painting, they can look at it from their own unique context and picture their goals, struggles, and personal experiences of overcoming such challenges in life. Additionally, I painted a snow mountain because of the heightened possibility of facing unpredictable danger as one ascends the mountain. In more detail, the time of the sun clock is 2:22, 222. Triple 2, according to multiple sources on the Internet, is associated with positive connotations such as harmony, trust, hope, faith, love, and balance. I want to highlight all these topics as encouragement, especially for the Grade 11 and 12 students preparing for college and wrapping up their last HS years at ISKL.

Describe your most memorable moments during IASAS Culcon.

One of the many memorable moments during IASAS Culcon Visual Arts is the verbal critique session! What I loved about the critique session was the valuable feedback from the student participants after each of us shared the creation process and the meaning behind our work. I was amazed to learn about the various artistic choices that conveyed the artist’s intentions through each participant’s creative artwork.

From the critique session, I gained new insights in terms of artwork composition, unique canvas materials (puzzles, musical instruments), color scheme, medium usage techniques, additional materials to create texture and form on the artwork, and most importantly, how each artist’s culture and personal experience influence their perspectives on the message they wanted to highlight in their artwork. This critique session and the exhibition showcased the student artists’ incredible and creative artworks and sparked new ideas for me regarding my future artworks.

Visual Art Exhibition at JIS

As an artist, what new techniques or things did you gain/learn through your experience there?

In the span of a few days of Culcon in Jakarta, I have learned a lot about art techniques and Indonesian culture from the workshop leaders, and the incredible art, the creative process, and the backstory of the art pieces from the students of the IASAS schools inspired me. From the workshop sessions, I learned how to use different mediums and various art techniques that I could apply to my work currently in IB visual arts and future projects or designs.

Overall, IASAS Culcon was a wonderful and unforgettable experience that fostered collaboration, cultural appreciation, creativity, and friendship development and created a positive environment to bring together students worldwide with the same passion for art. I want to thank Ms. Amber Kotcher, our art coach, and all the traveling art delegates from ISKL who made Culcon such an amazing experience that I look forward to next year!

POISKL-Yuna O ISKL Visual Artist

Yuna O. (‘25)

Tell us more about some of the workshops you participated in in Jakarta.

Participating in the IASAS Culcon workshops was an incredible experience for me.

We had the opportunity to try out a variety of art mediums, from the intricate art of batik and wire jewelry making to crafting ceramic tiles and exploring the world of airbrushing. The workshops weren’t just about growing our artistic skills; they were an opportunity to connect with students from different countries, sharing insights into our respective art curriculums and fostering a passion for creativity.

Being divided into smaller groups with different schools allowed me to get to know students from diverse backgrounds, and the collaborative projects added a unique dimension to the experience. Painting a colossal dragon, each segment representing a school and with the dragon embodying the Jakarta International School (JIS) mascot, created a special bond among the students.

Exchanging students between schools for collaborative projects enhanced our artistic abilities and broadened our global perspectives. During the batik workshop, I had the chance to immerse myself in the Indonesian technique of wax-resist dyeing, gaining insights into a traditional art form. The tile and batik-making workshops expanded my understanding of creating intricate patterns, adding depth to my artistic skills.

Airbrushing on large canvases provided an exhilarating outlet for creativity, allowing me to express myself in ways I hadn’t explored before. The experience was a blend of learning new artistic mediums and collaborating with students from different corners of the world. It was a journey that enriched my artistic repertoire and created lasting memories of cultural exchange and a shared passion for art.

Please describe the artwork you exhibited at the IASAS Cultural Convention.

Title: My Space
Medium: Acrylic

I believe a person’s interests and passions are best displayed in a room. This is a snapshot of the room’s owner. My room and personal space are significant since I arrange my thoughts and find comfort. I wanted to introduce myself to the audience by displaying some of the most beloved items in my room.

Title: Neo
Medium: Digital work; iPad + computer graphics

The Matrix, a film, served as the inspiration for this artwork. I wanted to portray Neo’s viewpoint when he began understanding that the world around him was fiction. To convey this, I had the artwork’s model remove various layers of glass while maintaining a direct gaze at the eyes (glasses) staring back at him. This may also signify the realization of reality for those oppressed by social norms and standards.

Yuna standing next to her paintingDescribe your most memorable moments during IASAS Culcon.

The most memorable moments for me during Culcon were undeniably the occasions when we had the chance to critique each other’s artwork and explore the diverse range of creations on display. Engaging in thoughtful discussions about students’ pieces allowed me to offer insights and provided a window into different artistic perspectives.

Wandering through the exhibition and immersing myself in the details of various artworks was truly memorable. I had the opportunity to explain my pieces’ inspiration and hear the stories behind others’ work. Looking at the incredible artwork of high school students like myself significantly expanded my artistic views and fueled my creative thoughts. The exchange of ideas and communication with students from different schools became a powerful catalyst for personal growth, leaving an indelible impact on my Culcon experience.

As an artist, what new techniques or things did you gain and learn through your experience there?

Through the collaborative art projects at IASAS Culcon, I gained invaluable insights into the power of teamwork and cultural exchange within creativity.
The experience of painting a colossal dragon alongside students from different countries not only sharpened my collaborative skills but also deepened my appreciation for diverse artistic perspectives. Sharing ideas and working together to represent each school in the dragon project fostered a sense of unity and cultural understanding.

Moreover, the cultural exchange aspect of the workshops allowed me to explore the unique art curriculums of other students, offering a global panorama of artistic expression. Observing many impressive artworks created by high school students from different backgrounds significantly expanded my view of art, exposing me to a rich tapestry of styles and techniques. This exposure broadened my artistic horizons and inspired me to incorporate newfound elements into my creative repertoire, making Culcon a transformative experience in collaborative art, cultural exchange, and the expansive world of artistic possibilities.

Collaborative artwork

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