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“ISKL had the responsibility of being the hosts of two tournaments and it was important that we hosted each IASAS event at a high quality – because that’s what IASAS is. We are a collection of six high-achieving schools with a standard of excellence in everything we do.”

Having joined ISKL in the 2022-2023 academic year, Jake Stockman is ISKL’s High School (HS) Athletics Director. Originally from Nebraska in the USA, Jake started his international teaching career 15 years ago in Jakarta, Indonesia. He orchestrated the recent IASAS Soccer and Swimming Championships events hosted at our ISKL campus, amongst many other duties.

Here is Jake’s story:


Please tell us more about yourself.

I was born in Nebraska in the USA and started my international teaching journey 15 years ago at the Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS). While at JIS, I taught Elementary School and High School (HS) PE before becoming the HS Athletics Director.

When and why did you join ISKL?

I joined ISKL in 2022 because I am familiar with the school due to my connection from another IASAS school. ISKL has a strong reputation in the region, and when schools like this are available – you should not pass up the opportunity!

Please tell us more about your position as a High School (HS) Director of Athletics. What are your daily activities?

Oh boy, sometimes I don’t even know my daily activities!

There are many things that I try and take care of on a daily and weekly basis:

  • Scheduling and confirming practice and game schedules for our teams.
  • Communicating our schedules to the Operations teams here at ISKL: Facilities, Nursing, Risk Management, Finance, and Marketing.
  • Sending notifications to all coaches, students, and families.
  • Planning for upcoming IASAS events and other tournaments we are hosting.
  • Helping students with CAS projects and other school-related projects.
  • Sports facilities checks and placing maintenance requests.
  • Finding ways to promote our athletics programs schoolwide and in the HS.
  • Checking in and supporting our athletics department staff, aquatics department, weight room supervisors, and athletic trainers.

And so much more!

Jake Stockman-POISKLCongrats on arranging the hosting of two successful IASAS championships on our campus! Can you tell us more about your experiences and what you are most proud of?

I am proud of ISKL’s crucial role in bringing IASAS back after Covid. We had the responsibility of being the hosts of two tournaments and it was important that we hosted each IASAS event at a high quality – because that’s what IASAS is. We are a collection of six high-achieving schools with a standard of excellence in everything we do.

As an entire community, ISKL was an AMAZING host to all of IASAS. We made IASAS Soccer and IASAS Swimming a fun event for all guests and participants by caring for our guests and providing a wonderful service to their needs. Our production of the competitions was very high level, our live stream was of such good quality, our teams performed so well, and last but not least, our community’s support during all the competitions was so good! I have received lots of feedback from the other IASAS schools that ISKL set the bar high for all other hosts in the future.

The last thing I want to mention is the help I received from so many people and departments at ISKL. Hosting an IASAS competition is a premiere event, and it is a school-wide endeavor. We can only host with the help and volunteers from so many areas. Thank you, ISKL!

Can you tell us something you are working on now that you are excited about?

I’m working on the travel arrangements for our Season 3 teams to go to their Exchange and the later IASAS tournaments. IASAS events and visiting the other IASAS schools is my favorite part of this job.

What is the most challenging part about your job?

The time commitment. My job involves long days. I spend the school day at my office and running around campus, and then I also am here for our after-school programs till 6:00 pm. I am here every Saturday too, but I love sports and being around all the teams.

Can you tell us more about your hobbies and interests? What do you do after work?

I love going for a walk with my wife and our dog, and we’re currently having a good time exploring KL. I wish I had more time to read and play golf.

Who or what inspires you?

I’m inspired by humble, talented, kind, and hard-working people. Lots of my new ISKL colleagues fall into this category.

Best memory (or most memorable moment) so far working at ISKL?

My best memories were of the Closing Ceremonies at the recent IASAS Soccer and IASAS Swim Championships and witnessing the lively and festive spirit celebrated by our school, community, athletes, and coaches.

What does ‘”Know yourself, care for all and create a better world”‘ mean to you?

That statement means to be grateful for what a person has learned and become in their lifetime and seek opportunities to enrich the people and the world around them.


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