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Jane S. (’30) is a young golfer at heart – and she recently won the Girls D Group for the UUMISM-SportExcel Malaysian Junior Golf Tour! Born in Seoul, South Korea, and having moved to Malaysia when she was five years old, Jane became a Panther when she joined ISKL in Grade 1.

Previously Jane placed second at the SGRK (Sirkit Golf Remaja Kedah) Golf Tournament, where she managed to play just two months after undergoing an arm fracture surgery last year. Displaying exemplary Panther spirit, we invite you to read Jane’s story!

Here is her story.

What were the challenges you faced, and how did you overcome them?

“I won the U10 Girl Group at the Junior Championship Tournament in Johor last winter holiday. But a week later, I fractured my left arm while traveling. I was terrified that I would never be able to play golf again. Still, the surgery went well, and I began rehabilitation training for two weeks after surgery under expert supervision. I was able to put on a putter after four weeks and an iron after six weeks. Moreover, I was able to strike the driver again after seven weeks. Throughout the 7-week recovery period, I focused on running and training my lower body, took golf courses, and taught my brother golf lessons. Although it was painful, I believe that I became more mentally mature as I went through this process.

Jane at the award giving ceremony

After my physical recovery, I participated in the SGRK Invitational Tournament sponsored by Kedah from March 15 to 17 to gain confidence in my golfing. I felt grateful and great about my recent second place finish, and although I did not win first place, I was able to befriend lots of new peers and become more passionate about playing golf. 

Jane and her dad at the golf courseWhat made you interested in golfing in the first place, and why?

With a recommendation from my dad, who enjoys golf, I began taking golf lessons last year. Nowadays, I mostly spend time practicing at my home golf studio because it (was during) the MCO period. Fortunately, I can start rounding in the fields in August, so I am excited about it. When it comes to training on golfing grounds, I practice mainly at Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club (KLGCC), Tropicana Golf Club, or Saujana Golf Club. On weekends, walk around and help push the manual trolley. It is challenging, but I think it’s good training for lower body training and overall stamina. 

Who is your (golf) inspiration?

My dad inspires me. He motivates me when I want to give up, trains with me every day, and is the best caddy one could ask for during competitions. My father supports me with the motto “Winners don’t always win, they just never give up” and supports me wholeheartedly.

Jane practice at the golf courseWhat is the hardest part about playing golf that most people do not know of?

The most challenging component of playing golf is hitting the ball hard – and then ‘quickly’ relaxing the body. Although it is tough and has many elements to consider, golf is the most enjoyable sport for me. In the future, I want to be a professional tour golfer. I have long been managing my fitness through stretching, weight training, swimming, rehabilitation training, interval training, and food management to achieve my goals.

What is your message to others who might be interested in golfing?

I think Malaysia is a perfect place to play golf. My grandparents plan to come to Malaysia soon, and I am incredibly excited to play golf with them. Golf is a sport that everyone enjoys, and I hope that more people can find their passion in golf regardless of their age, skill, and gender.

Do you wish to pursue gold as a professional career in the future?

My dream and goal is to be a professional golfer in the Korea Ladies Professional Golf Association) KLPGA by the age of 17. Furthermore, I hope to advance into the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) program as well.

Jane playing golf at the golf course

What does “Be All You Are” mean to you?

Although not everything goes as planned, I strive to try my best at all times. I believe that one will ultimately achieve the goal if you do not get weary of repetition.

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