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One of the great things about ISKL is the variety of the pathways our students take when they leave school.
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One of the great things about ISKL is the variety of pathways our students take when they leave school. Universities around the globe, gap years exploring new countries, careers developing new skills – the list is as diverse as our students.

We asked a random group of ISKL Class of ’19 students about their plans after graduation, and for their thoughts about their time at ISKL.

To a one, the students were bubbling with excitement for their future and brimming with confidence about moving on to the next phase of their lives. Here is a sample of their replies:

“I am especially looking forward to experiencing university life, meeting new people and learning more about the topic I love the most!” The topic is environmental management and conservation and Tara had a tough decision ahead, choosing between the six UK universities that offered her places.

“I am really excited to live on my own in Europe. I lived in Germany one year before coming to KL, now I am going back but this time already alone. (I’m) really looking forward to start my job in a new community with a new language.” Elen, one of the few choosing to enter the workforce.

“Being able to choose the exact courses I want to study, and having a huge pool of different people to meet and interact with.” Dean, who had acceptances from eight universities, on his future in the USA studying political science.

“I am going to go live in Switzerland with my grandparents, find a job in either a school or at a restaurant and save up money.” Elodie plans to study in Australia where university programs commence in February, giving her time to catch up with family and gain some valuable work experience before she heads Down Under to study.

Another common thread amongst the students’ replies is preparedness. ISKL’s High School and IB counselors work with students throughout their high school years, from Grade 9 to 12, to help them make the right choices for themselves. Sarah’s response is a good example of how thorough that process is and how considered her decision was: “I decided to apply to three universities because I was looking for schools that offered a unique combination in Nutrition & Dietetics along with a degree in Culinary Arts. I have received acceptance to St. Louis University (SLU), Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) and Mercyhurst, all in the United States. I have decided to attend Indiana University of Pennsylvania because it has a great Nutrition & Dietetics program combined with the Culinary Arts and there are many ways to get involved around campus.”

While the students were optimistic and confident about their choices and the future, graduation also means moving on from friends, family and a community that has supported and nurtured them. Appreciation for the strong sense of community and truly international feel of ISKL was high on the list of things they will miss most:

“Our amazing community. Everyone is so accepting and polite. I’m going to miss the way our school all fits together and works as a whole.” Shea, who’s taking a gap year before joining the navy.

FUTURE-READY-EDUCATION GLOBAL-OPPORTUNITIES EXPERTS-IN-INTERNATIONAL-EDUCATION“ISKL will always be a memorable place to me. I will miss the Global Action Program and all the amazing experiences in volleyball, dance, forensics, and thespians, and NHAS. All the activities and sports I have been a part of were truly enjoyable and I was around a great group of people.” – Sarah.

We wish all of our Class of ’19 great success in their chosen destinations knowing that they will always be part of the ISKL family wherever they are.

Find out what some of our recent ISKL graduates from the Class of ‘17 and ‘18 think of university life by visiting the student-led Instagram page, ISKL Past and Present.

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