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Published: Friday, 6 November, 2020

It’s not surprising that Kaylene Chong (‘19) has chosen her IASAS Dance experience for her #ISKLMagicMoments. Now a Sophomore at Columbia University studying for a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Psychology, she was a 4-year IASAS Dance performer and team co-captain in her Senior year.

Kaylene says her Freshman year performance in Three Seconds was memorable on several counts: “… it’s very special to me because it was my first time going through the creative process of developing and choreographing a show. It was also my first time traveling for IASAS! We went to Taipei and I’ll never forget the adrenaline rush when the curtains opened and how happy and proud I felt after performing in front of that audience.”

Like so many, Kaylene is studying remotely from Kuala Lumpur at the moment, but the upside of that is that she was able to return to ISKL recently to assist ISKL MS Dance students to prepare for their October show, working alongside Karen Palko.

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