Jom Belajar: P. Ramlee

This week on Jom Belajar, let’s take a walk down memory lane and learn about one of the icons of Malaysian entertainment, Tan Sri P. Ramlee!
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Home » ISKL Blog » Jom Belajar: P. Ramlee

– the Legendary Titan of Malaysian Show Business

Tan Sri P Ramlee
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Tan Sri P. Ramlee, who is a Malaysian actor, director, composer, and singer ranks him an icon of Malaysian entertainment and is synonymous with the golden era of Malay movies in the 1950s and early ‘60s.

Born in Georgetown, Penang, Tan Sri P. Ramlee has acted in over 66 films, directed 35 movies, composed over 250 songs, and sang almost 30. His versatility was most apparent in comedies, and he is best remembered for his works in this genre.

Tan Sri P. Ramlee’s legacy continues to remain a strong influence with local artists and viewers alike. So why not plan a P. Ramlee movie night with your family this week! Our recommendation would be the Bujang Lapok (Raggedy Bachelors) series that remains a classic favorite for Malaysians to this day.

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