GAP 2022 – Experiential Learning in the Great Outdoors

This year's GAP trip took place from October 15 - 20 and involved 440 students and 50 faculty/staff on 25 itineraries who traveled to various parts of Malaysia and countries in South East Asia.
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Since its inception in 2009, the Global Action Program (GAP) has been part of ISKL’s High School (HS) core curriculum for Grade 9-11 students. They participate in an experiential program where they immerse themselves in various cultural backgrounds and embark on outdoor adventures while sharpening their skills in community partnerships such as service and social entrepreneurship.

This October 15-20, 440 students accompanied by 50 faculty and staff went on 25 itineraries traveling to various parts of East and West Malaysia and countries in the Southeast Asian region, such as Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam. Each trip has been designed to build the students’ awareness of emerging global issues by involving them in various cultural, environmental, and service opportunities within the Southeast Asian region.

HS Principal Jeff Farrington remarked, “Students were engaged in incredible life-altering experiences providing service in communities to which they would not have access otherwise.”

From building new homes, restoring marine reefs, helping out in jungle nurseries, turtle watching, or reforestation projects along the rivers, the following is a summary of some of the places and projects our students visited during GAP 2022:

Grade 9

Merapoh Jungle Nursery Project, Malaysia

ISKL GAP activities at Merapoh

GAP Merapoh Jungle Nursery Project

Dungun Turtle Watch Project, Malaysia

Dungun Turtle Watch Project GAP Dungun Turtle Watch Project

Gopeng Indigenous Build Project , Malaysia

Gopeng Indigenous Build Project Gopeng Indigenous Build Project

Cherating Surfing & Trash Hero, Malaysia

Cherating Surfing & Trash Hero

Tioman Reef Restoration Project, Malaysia

Tioman Reef Restoration Project

Grade 10

Sarawak Community Project 1, East Malaysia

Sarawak Community Project Sarawak Community Project

Kiulu Jungle Nursery Project, East Malaysia

Kiulu Jungle Nursery Project Kiulu Jungle Nursery Project

Kinabatangan River Reforestation Project, East Malaysia

Kinabatangan River Reforestation Project Kinabatangan River Reforestation Project

Kinabalu Reef Conversation Project, East Malaysia

Kinabalu Reef Conversation Project Kinabalu Reef Conversation Project

Mamutik Island (Borneo) Reef Restoration Project, East Malaysia

Mamutik Island Reef Restoration Project

Grade 11

Siem Reap Province Community Project Build, Cambodia

Siem Reap Province Community Project Build Siem Reap Province Community Project Build

Chiang Mai Community Project Build, Thailand

Chiang Mai Community Project Build Chiang Mai Community Project Build

Luang Prabang Community Build Project, Laos

Luang Prabang Community Build Project

Mai Chau Community Project Build, Vietnam

Mai Chau Community Project Build

Bali Marine Community Project, Indonesia

Bali Marine Community Project

Jogjakarta Wildlife Rescue Project, Indonesia

Jogjakarta Wildlife Rescue Project

A big thank you to all the trip leads, Brian Hall and Shaun Gopal from the GAP team for organizing this fantastic journey of a lifetime!


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