Celebrating Multilingualism at ISKL

Language is the first thing we exchange when we encounter it, and I feel intense gratification when I can help someone feel a bit more at home when I can communicate with them in their native language.
– Enya R. | Student

Imagine a school where your child is exposed to different cultures, a global mindset is instilled, and native languages and mother tongues converge- a school where the world meets in a classroom.

If you envision such diverse environment for your child then we invite you to come and join this multifaceted journey of multilingualism at ISKL. To start, we have curated a list of the top 10 frequently asked questions about multilingualism, paired with insightful guidance! Stay tuned as we unveil this resource, but first, let us delve deeper into the benefits of multilingual education. 

Diversity in ISKL

There are many benefits to fostering multilingualism at an international school such as ISKL. Students can sharpen problem-solving skills, enhance critical thinking, and engage with diverse cultures in an inclusive learning environment. Multilingualism helps build a more interconnected and understanding community, allowing students like Enya and Zhao Yang to celebrate a valuable part of their identity.

Whether a student’s connection to language is through their heritage or simply because they found a love for learning a new language, an international school such as ISKL presents them with pockets of possibilities to forge friendships and nurture a genuine appreciation for the profound role languages play in our lives.

The love for languages doesn’t just stop with our students. Our strong commitment to school-wide partnerships ensures that our entire community embarks on this beautiful linguistic journey together.

I've always had an extraordinary connection to the Spanish language, which I've loved since Prep Senior. Spanish has become a distinct part of my identity, and I love that!
– Zhao Yang K. | Student
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A Day In The Life of ISKL’s Multilingual Community

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Embracing Bahasa Melayu with Community Classes

Bahasa Melayu community class

Bahasa Melayu? Senang Je! are

 Bahasa Melayu conversational class sessions hosted by ISKL’s Staff Association and were open to all community members. They covered phonics and handy topics such as learning how to ask for directions, typical greetings, and what to say at a restaurant.

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Student Experience

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Download our e-book

If you wonder what parents can expect from a diverse school like ours, we have the perfect guide! Download our interactive e-book on the 10 most frequently asked questions about languages at ISKL today.

Multilingualism FAQs Handbook

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