Jom Belajar: Bahasa Melayu? Senang Je!

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Published: Wednesday, 15 September, 2021

In this week’s edition of Jom Belajar, we are delighted to showcase the first of our Bahasa Melayu conversational classes session conducted virtually by our very own Sesha Kalimuthu and Izyan Rezali! Sesha is our Performing Arts Centre Manager and Izyan is our Fields and Groups Manager.

The weekly lessons, Bahasa Melayu? Senang Je (It’s Easy) are hosted by ISKL’s Staff Association, and are open to all community members. Lessons are aimed at those with either no experience or limited knowledge of the language. Courses will run for the next five weeks and cover phonics and handy topics such as learning how to ask for directions, typical greetings, and what to say at a restaurant.

In addition, each virtual session is donating 50% of all proceeds towards the youth volunteering platform Hunger Hurts and its Feed a Kid Project. Thank you again to our incredible Staff Association for holding these fantastic classes for our faculty, staff, and parents.