Catching Up With The Class of 2021

More than 60 graduates reminisce about their favorite experiences and cherished moments at ISKL as they prepare for #LifeAfterISKL.
2021 Graduates
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Even though the Class of 2021’s graduation ceremony was held virtually, our graduates held their spirits high and PAWsitive – a great testament to their enduring spirit throughout these challenging times.

As we continue to celebrate this year’s graduates and honoring their rite of passage, The International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL) reached out and connected with more than 60 graduates to reminisce about their favorite experiences and cherished moments at ISKL as they prepare for #LifeAfterISKL. 

We asked our graduates about their time at ISKL, how they are surviving and excelling in virtual and on campus learning, the challenges and rewards of doing the IB programme, shoutouts to their favorite teachers, advice to the rising Seniors, and how they have virtually maintained and kept alive their social connections with dearly-missed classmates, teachers and friends. These valuable and inspiring insights are anything but uplifting and showcasing their strength in character and camaraderie.

Watch the full video here , or read further to hear more from our graduates!

Extracurricular Activities

Talking about the extracurricular activities here at ISKL, here are what some students shared:

Senior Testimonial_DiyaN

“Whether it was clubs, community service or volunteer work, or things like TED-Ed and organizing events, all these events apart from academics were really what made my personal high school experience that I would treasure and love forever. My interaction with my friends, my teachers, and just being able to get involved. And the fact that everybody is involved in something makes it so much nicer because you get to talk to everybody, learn about their different cultures, and gain a global mind and understand the world better.” Diya Nanavati, Class of 2021

Senior Testimonial_AnnG

“Being able to be close with a group of passionate performers created a multidimensional theatre-creating experience for me. My most impactful experience was when my friend’s peer pressured me to join the Grade 8 musical that changed the trajectory of my life.” – Ann Nguyen Gaither, Class of 2021

Senior Testimonial_AchintyaG

“The one thing I would miss would be the MUN program here. I was fortunate enough to be part of the team that would compete in this conference. When you see the prowess that ISKL brings to any competition, you get to see why ISKL is such a special place. It’s because of the community that is formed between the students, the way they’re able to help each other, and just the camaraderie that’s there between the students and the teachers.” Achintya Gahalaut, Class of 2021

Continuous Learning 

As our graduating class ended their high school years with a mixture of on campus and virtual learning, we asked them how the transition was like. 


“I feel like I learned a lot throughout this whole experience, and it made me realize all the little things that I didn’t get to appreciate before. And now that I could do it again during the few months that we were back at school, I realized how much I missed just sitting on the deck with people and just being in the same class with people I’m not even friends with. I know it’s just the little things that I’ll really miss and realize that I need to appreciate more.” Annie Chong, Class of 2021

“It taught me about priorities and what my best way of working was, and I had the time to figure all of that out. Other than that, it was a really good experience, and I think that the way ISKL handled it was probably the best way it could have happened.” Deena Rehman, Class of 2021


“Well, I definitely think ISKL’s PAWsitivity and the outlook of them being positive in this whole pandemic has made me motivated and keep going and keep pushing through; and knowing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and there will be something good out of this.” Francesca Sophia Marshall, Class of 2021

On Gratitude to the ISKL Community

The graduating class also enthusiastically thanked and credited the ISKL community for helping and supporting them throughout their final year of high school. 


“I think that, on speaking for a lot of people, especially two of my favorite teachers include our Psych(ology) teachers, Mr. Hengstler and Ms. Naughton. They have been really helpful throughout these past two years of the IB, supporting us through our lockdown and encouraging us to push ourselves and try our absolute hardest. It’s fair to say that because of them, we are as successful as we are today.” Anirudh Srinivas, Class of 2021


“I want to mention Mr. Tyler because he was my math teacher for three years in my high school life, and even though it was really hard keeping up with the grades- he really didn’t try to push me as hard and forcefully, but instead, he tried to help me slowly and carefully. I think that was what helped me get through the hard math course.”Ryan Sohn, Class of 2021


“I felt like the teachers were great this year; they were always there to support me and help me with any content that I have problems with. They were always there to pat you on the back and say, you’ve got this. I remember Ms. Sarnacki, for example, had us email ourselves, so we scheduled an email to be sent to ourselves. A couple of days before the exam, we wrote nice messages to ourselves.” Dean Chenzaie, Class of 2021

Memories to Last a Lifetime

Looking back on some favourite memories they’ve had at ISKL, the graduating class shared some of their memorable moments.


“I was a three-year IASAS participant, and I was fortunate enough to be selected to go to IASAS in my freshman year. So, yeah, it really means a lot to me.” John Lee (Glenn), Class of 2021


“I can’t name a favorite. I’ve been here for so long that it feels like home. I like the community; I think that’s the biggest thing. I like the way people treat each other here, with respect and kindness; I think it’s nice going to school with those kinds of values.” Eva Jonge-Poerink, Class of 2021


“Well, I know that I’ve been in the same Chinese class and on GAP with Annie and Olivia, so those have been really fun memories because we’ve bonded so much more, and now we have so many unique experiences to share with each other.” – Megan Lim, Class of 2021


Advice to the Rising Seniors

Lastly, the graduating class had some wise and honest advice for the rising seniors.


“Don’t have a preconceived notion of what you are supposed to be or how your senior year is supposed to be; just try to do things as authentically as possible and just take advantage of any moments that you get to have with your friends or the traditions that you get to carry out because you don’t really know whether you’re going to get to do these things again.” Asha Octoman, Class of 2021


“Do what you are passionate about and always try to maintain a life outside of academics because, if not, it becomes very routine and you are not going to enjoy it, and you are not going to make memories at the end of the day, and that is what you will take away from high school.” Sofia Ines Grigera Knoop, Class of 2021


“Live in the moment, appreciate the people around you, and have gratitude for everything.” Hina Masuda Singh, Class of 2021


ISKL wishes the best of luck to the Class of 2021 on their future endeavors and for keeping PAWsitive throughout the entire year. Do check out the #ISKGrads Instagram page to keep up with our graduates. All the best, Panthers! 

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