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Chris Charnitski is a Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) Introduction for Educators facilitator at the AERO Summer Institute in Virginia and has more than 20 years’ experience as a life science teacher.  Recently, Chris visited ISKL and spent four days with science teachers from all three divisions to help them transition to NGSS.

Over those four days, Chris hosted multiple workshops that highly benefited our educators; sharing ways to better support and involve students in their science learning. Here are some of what our teachers have to say about the NGSS workshops:

“Working with Chris allowed us to see how we can take our current, rich science curriculum to the next level, focusing on using phenomena to spark inquiry and drive interest. Using the NGSS in our courses makes what happens in our classrooms more meaningful for students as well as for us as instructors. Focusing on the use of models as a means of assessment authentically brings together multiple skills students will need in their futures, regardless of the disciplines they choose to pursue.”

  • Stetson Johnson, HS Science Teacher

“The sessions with Chris helped us to get better ideas of how to support our students in science learning and how to engage them more deeply and meaningfully.”

  • Brianna Maxwell, ES Science Teacher

“Chris’ presentation of the NGSS approach to learning and teaching, reaffirmed the approaches I have been using in IB Physics, specifically lateral thinking, looking at the world in terms of systems, and the use of phenomenon as a jumping off point to deepen and further understanding.”

  • Todd Brown, HS Physics, DT Teacher

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