Key questions every parent should ask a prospective school.

Do you know what to look for in a prospective school for your children?

At ISKL, we understand that the search for the best school for your children can be a difficult one; as you learn more about education options in Malaysia, how can you assert which one is the right choice for your family? Will your children have equal opportunities at each school? Will the education offered by the school meet your childrens’ holistic needs? Is the school a not-for-profit institution?

As you begin your search, you’ll likely find yourself overflowing with questions, and might be feeling a little lost in the breadth of information available to you online.

By downloading our checklist “Key Questions Every Parent Should Ask a Prospective School”, you will be better prepared to make this important decision in your family’s life. Our checklist, which covers important areas like class size, curriculum, transportation, fees, and much more, can act as your guide to developing your understanding of all the education options available to you.

Download our free checklist by filling this form and be empowered with useful information to be able to ask informed questions to prospective schools, and to ultimately choose the best-fit school for your children.


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