Jumpa Lagi! ISKL’s Outgoing Parents Share Their Insights

We truly value hearing parents' views, which in turn helps us to improve the overall learning experience for our students.
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Home » ISKL Blog » Jumpa Lagi! ISKL’s Outgoing Parents Share Their Insights

At ISKL, learning from our families is an invaluable component of our school’s success. We truly value hearing their views, which in turn helps us to improve the overall learning experience for our students. Our thanks to parents Eva B., Jon H., Pattie DR. Oskar and Ada R., and our other families we farewelled at the end of the last academic year for sharing their insights and experiences with us.

“A well organized, structured, and equipped school that provides a healthy, safe, friendly, and multicultural education environment. The level of support in all areas, especially regarding the transition of newcomers, is high.” – Eva B., parent of an MS student.

“The inclusive culture at the school, the approachability of the Heads, the incredible developmental resources offered to the students, for example, the counselors, Speech Therapy, etc. and the brand new state-of-the-art learning environment for students to enjoy. ISKL has played an enormous role in our son’s education and development and our family’s experience as expatriates in Malaysia. We are enormously appreciative and grateful for the opportunity provided by ISKL.” – Jon H., parent of an ES student.

“I appreciate the teachers’ proactive stance on communication about student issues at each grade level. In both of the years, my Middle School daughter attended ISKL, when she began to show signs of having difficulties in certain subjects, my husband and I were informed well in advance of the need for changes in her schedule so that she could receive the help she needed. The teachers make themselves available for the students in ways that the child always knows. They can get help with homework or difficult assignments whenever they need it, which removes the excuses for not being able to get work done because the student couldn’t get time with the teacher. WIN time is an awesome example of this.” – Pattie DR, parent of an MS and HS student.

“From the top management, through administration, teachers, assistants, helpers, cleaners and guards, we have seen and experienced nothing but an amazing dedication to everyone’s job, all living the ISKL vision by heart! By this, ISKL is building a safe and secure basis for the children. My kids have grown tremendously over the last 18 months, within every subject at school, and through social interaction with people from all over the world. Every organization, within all different industries across the globe, would benefit from looking into how ISKL runs as an organization. It is with deep sadness; however, also with great memories, we are to leave ISKL. Until we meet again!” – Oskar & Ada R., parents of an ES & MS student.

Other comments received from our parents:

“It was the first international schooling experience for my son. Needless to say that it was a very interesting journey for him. My family highly appreciated ISKL’s efforts to teach my son to explore new things for him, and do many other things,” said a parent of a student from ES.

“We came to ISKL three and a half years ago from Dubai, so our children were understandably a bit apprehensive about the move and transition! At the time, ISKL was still at the “old campus”. And while this environment was vastly different from their last school, our son and daughter fell in love! They fell in love with the experiences, the teachers, the environment. With the move into the “new campus”, the positive experiences at ISKL kept coming! Our son has just graduated from ISKL, and he insists that ISKL was his favorite school (after 13 years as an expatriate student!). I also had the opportunity to work at ISKL for two years in the ES department, and I cannot say enough great things about the staff and faculty! It’s been an absolute joy to be a part of such an inclusive and welcoming community – our entire family will fondly remember ISKL!” Parent of a MS and HS student who also taught in Elementary School.

“Although our time at ISKL was brief, it felt like we had been part of the community for decades. We never felt lost or out of place. My daughter was treated like she belonged right from the start. If we could, we would take this school and its teachers with us everywhere we go,” Parent of an ES student.

“The ISKL community has not only been welcoming towards my daughter but also to our family by extension. As a parent, it has been a joy to see my daughter blossom, thrive, and enjoy the full experience of learning in ISKL. As the IB program is known to be a demanding and rigorous program, all my earlier concerns were dispelled, having seen how the school not only supported her academically but also gave my daughter a platform to discover new skills and untapped talent that we never knew she had before. It’s wonderful to have teachers and friends who are so encouraging and supportive of their learning journeys. Thank you, ISKL, for nurturing students to strive for excellence and to know the importance of having a healthy study, work, play life balance, and to be conscientious and active global citizens,” Parent of a HS student.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the leaver parents and families for their invaluable feedback and support, and wish them the very best in their future endeavors! Remember – Once A Panther, Always A Panther!

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