ISKL’s Annual IB Scholarship Award Ceremony 2022

The scholarship program, approved by the Ministry of Education Malaysia, awards outstanding Malaysian SPM leavers a scholarship to study the rigorous two-year IBDP
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Home » ISKL Blog » ISKL’s Annual IB Scholarship Award Ceremony 2022
IB Scholarship Recipient Ameerul, Jeff Farrington, Rami Madani
(L-R) ISKL’s HS Principal Jeff Farrington, IB Scholarship Recipient Ameerul and ISKL’s Head of School Rami Madani, during the scholarship presentation ceremony.

“I have wondered for a long time why humans wish to succeed; I cannot answer for everyone, but for me, it has always been about giving back. Even during daydreams of my ideal future, a major theme is how I can give back to my family, friends, and even school. I dream of succeeding in building a better future for humanity, with even the most minuscule of contributions. I hope we can realize this dream together.” 

These are the words of Ameerul A., recipient of The International School of Kuala Lumpur’s (ISKL) 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 International Baccalaureate (IB) Scholarship.

The IB Scholarship Award ceremony, held at ISKL on January 14, 2022, recognized Ameerul as the 38th recipient of this prestigious scholarship which was first offered 20 years ago in 2002. During the event, ISKL Head of School Rami Madani gave a congratulatory speech, describing Ameerul as an “individual who embodies the spirit of ISKL and our call to action to ‘Be All You Are’. It takes a lot to impress our interview panel, and you certainly impressed them with the diversity of your interests and community involvement.”

Director of Admissions Julia Love added, “In the short time Ameerul has been with us, he has already developed a reputation for being kind, friendly, articulate, and humble. He is respected by his teachers, has made friends, joined activities, is self-aware, and is a great self-advocate. His counselor describes him as an impressive young man.”

ISKL’s Scholarship Program, approved by the Ministry of Education (MoE) Malaysia, awards Malaysian Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) leavers a scholarship to study the rigorous two-year International Baccalaureate Diploma. Since its inception, scholarship recipients have graduated from ISKL and attended leading universities worldwide. Applications for the IB Scholarship are based on academic records, co-curricular involvement, and commitment to community service, with shortlisted applicants undertaking an entrance exam and panel interview.

When asked why he decided to embark on the IB path, Ameerul said that it was due to the program’s emphasis on giving back. He explained, “Other than the general rigor of the program and its focus on shaping well-rounded and holistic students, the IB also emphasizes the importance of serving the community and integrates this through the Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS) strand. Having an academic program that extends beyond academic knowledge intrigued me.”

“The IB Diploma has been demanding but rewarding. It frequently challenges students to gain a new perspective on things. As I venture into my second semester of the IB, I am beginning to fully experience everything that the IB has to offer with the start of the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) course!”

IB Scholarship Recipient Ameerul & Family
A photograph of Ameerul together with his family

Ameerul previously attended SMK Derma, a secondary school in Kangar, Perlis, from 2016–2021, where he obtained straight A’s for SPM. Describing himself as someone with a strong intellectual curiosity that spans multiple fields of interest to the point of earning a “Professor Know-It-All” nickname from his mother, it comes as no surprise that, apart from excelling in academics, Ameerul’s other accolades include winning numerous competitions organized by the MoE in 2020 such as the National Essay Competition, Poetry Writing Competition, and Public Speaking Competition. Ameerul is also a talented debater, public speaker, and he even directed a high school drama at his old alma mater. 

High School Principal Jeff Farrington expressed his gratitude for how Ameerul has contributed to ISKL. “I saw the congratulations sign and thought it was speaking to me because we are so lucky to have you. We often challenge students: how can you come and make us better? How can your presence at our school make everyone in the community better? And you have demonstrated that. There are plenty of people who have shared with me the contributions you are making to our school, and we thank you for that.”

As the longest-running IB World School in Malaysia, ISKL understands the importance of students’ well-being as they navigate the academic challenges of the IBDP by encouraging a positive, caring, and collaborative culture in an inclusive environment where everybody feels like they belong. Noting that his journey as a student from a local school who now enrolls in an international school is the road less traveled, Ameerul shared how his transition to ISKL has been a smooth one. He said, “Even before I started on my first day at ISKL, I already felt welcomed by my Peer Helper, who has helped me acclimatize to my new environment. The ISKL community has been wonderfully welcoming, and I have never felt a sense of not fitting in, even for a second.”

“What I love the most about ISKL is the “Be All You Are” tagline. At ISKL, I feel that I can be all that I am.”






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