ISKL Teams Take 1st and 2nd in Global Academic Competition

Two ISKL teams reached the finals of "The Quest", a competition by BRAINways EDUCATION focusing on creativity, collaboration and problem-solving.
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In December last year, two ISKL teams participated in a very special challenge and came up roses! “The Quest” is an annual competition sponsored by BRAINways EDUCATION, an independent, non-funded organization that provides opportunities for gifted students. The Quest competition allows for creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving among students at a very challenging academic level.

Imagine the pride of parents and teachers watching Middle School students deeply engaged in challenges relating to Norse mythology, trigonometry and ‎thermodynamics. As part of a final challenge over two days, students had the chance to create a board game to represent entropy, while also developing their own myth and creating artifacts drawing from Indian, Norse, and Native American mythology. Finally, they engaged in designing a shape with radial and linear symmetry before calculating the angles and other geometric measurements.

Thanks to their incredible accomplishments, both ISKL teams were invited to be finalists in the international competition in January. We recently received astounding results and ISKL teams placed first and second in the worldwide competition! Out of 150 initial schools, the ISKL teams took top marks in a rigorous academic competition involving three modules from mathematics, science & engineering, and humanities.

At a recent assembly, the entire middle school had the opportunity to publicly recognize these six outstanding students and celebrate their achievements and hard work.

Congratulations! To both ISKL teams:

Team 1: Diya, Kuba and Kristina

Team 2: Asha, Harry and Ellie

You make us all #ISKLproud



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