ISKL Recognizes Outstanding Grade 9-11 Students In Awards Ceremony

The annual Grade 9 – 11 Awards Ceremony was held on June 10, 2022, where our outstanding students were celebrated!
High School students receiving their awards
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Congratulations to all our students who were recognized at the Grade 9-11 Awards ceremony held at ISKL on June 10, 2022. As High School Principal, Jeff Farrington said in his opening remarks, “Today is for celebration and joy, we are here to recognize the successes you have accomplished this year. It is our pleasure to present you today with the awards you have worked so very hard to earn this year. We recognize and appreciate the effort you have demonstrated both academically and outside of class.”

Jeff Farrington at the students award ceremony

As can be seen in the teacher’s comments below, kindness, caring, and active involvement in activities outside the classroom were common themes among the award recipients. In addition to the major award winners shown below, we also congratulate the many students receiving Departmental, Service and Sustainability, and IASAS Awards who were also recognized at the Ceremony which is available to watch on ISKL’s Livestream channel here.

Students were encouraged at the start of the year to “be the author of their own experience, to determine how they wanted the year to unfold and to identify what they wanted to gain from it” – it is inspiring and rewarding to see so many students who have accomplished so much and shared so much with others!

The Robert B. Gaw Citizenship Award Recipients

The Harvard Book Prize Award Recipient

EARCOS Global Citizen Award Recipients

Rensselaer Medal Award/Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to all the recipients. We are inspired and proud of your achievements, leadership, and hard work!


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