Inspire Programs Bring in Local Batik Artist: Cindy Heng

From April 3 to April 4, 2024, ISKL's Inspire Programs hosted an art workshop welcoming local artist Cindy Heng who worked with G2 and G4 students introducing them to the process of batik-making.
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From April 3 to April 4, 2024, ISKL’s Inspire Programs hosted a unique art workshop welcoming local batik artist Cindy Heng from North Village Artisan Batik. Heng worked closely with our Grade 2 and Grade 4 students, introducing them to Malaysia’s arts and traditions through the fascinating process of batik-making.

Cindy Heng Batik Workshop with ES Students

ES’s Art team shares, “At ISKL, we strive to cultivate passions and competencies to help our learners become global citizens. Batik artist Cindy Heng is a supreme example of a Malaysian entrepreneur who has successfully fused her passion for art, her love of tradition, and her business skills to create a successful living.”
During the two-day visit, students from Grades 2 and 4 created stunning batik artwork that will be used for a large wall installation and displayed as a permanent piece inside the school. Their activities included an introduction to batik, followed by the students choosing a pre-waxed batik design they would like to paint. Here, they learned about color mixing and fabric painting techniques and created vibrant colors out of the primary colors provided. In addition, the students benefited from the batik painting as it helped improve their hand coordination by manipulating and controlling the brushes.

When asked about her experience interacting with our students, Heng shared, “I was truly amazed by the children’s creativity and imagination. Each child brought unique ideas and perspectives to the batik artwork, making each piece a masterpiece. Their individuality and creativity were truly inspiring, reflecting the diversity and vibrancy of ISKL’s school community.”

ES Batik Workshop

Heng added, “Interacting with the children was also a joy and a reward in itself! The most heartwarming moment was when a color-blind student stepped back to enjoy the batik piece he had painted. His face lit up with pure joy and pride, a testament to the power of art to transcend limitations.” Heng also mentions how his unique perspective and creativity inspired others to continue exploring their artistic talents.

Happy students faces

Thanks again to the Inspire Programs campaign for bringing Cindy Heng to ISKL and the ES Art Team for organizing her visit and workshop! It was an excellent opportunity for ISKL students to connect to their student learning unit in ‘Batik and Traditions’ and see how art is a feasible career that can be lucrative and sustainable. The workshop not only deepened the students’ understanding of Batik, showcased their creativity, and served as a platform for community engagement. Everyone was invited, from parents, faculty, and staff to fellow students, to admire the artwork, spark conversations, and foster connections within our school community.

Students batik artworks

Keep an eye on campus for the upcoming final stage of the batik installation, when the beautiful artwork will be displayed for the whole community to enjoy.

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