“Dance, Interrupted” – ISKL Students Wows Community With Virtual Dance Livestream Performance

Each dance group decided to 'roll' their actual show over to next year and perform a 'snippet' of something for this virtual dance show!
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Home » ISKL Blog » “Dance, Interrupted” - ISKL Students Wows Community With Virtual Dance Livestream Performance

“I am saddened that students couldn’t perform their entire show live on stage last April, so each dance group decided to ‘roll’ their actual show over to next year and perform a ‘snippet’ of something for this virtual dance show!”

These were the words conveyed by The International School of Kuala Lumpur’s Middle School (MS) Dance/PE teacher Karen Palko, on the combined virtual MS/HS dance performance, which premiered on May 30, 2020.

“It was both a chore and a delight to put this virtual ‘Dance, Interrupted” show together!”

The show began with a special video announcement by Grade 11 students Rozanne L. & Emily C., who are currently working on their IB CAS project, where they are starting a new digital platform for the ISKL dance community.

The students have created an Instagram dance page for MS, HS, and Alumni with a purpose to “to encourage students to dance” and will feature After School dance groups such as MS Dance Elite, Lux Anima, MS Just Dance, IASAS Dance, K Team, MS Lux Anima, and HS Dance Elite.

The ‘Dance, Interrupted’ live stream then continued with a medley of dance videos. The highlights were as follows:

*HS IASAS Dance Team Performance – A fun distancing video titled ‘Better when we’re dancing.’

*MS Dance Elite group – An artsy series of one-minute videos by solo dancers

*MS Dance Elite group – A slideshow of professionally shot photos with a theme centered around the four seasons

*MS Dance Elite – Two back to back videos named “Winter’ and “Bloom.”

*HS/MS Lux Anima group – A video dedicated to Grade 12 student Amanda Soo

*HS Elite – A video entitled “Polarize.”

*HS K Team – Two K-Pop inspired dance videos “Feeling special” and “Wow thing”

*MS Dance – A select Tik Tok COVID Compilation virtual show by the Just Dance class

*Just Dance Class Tri 3 – A video titled “Just Dis-Dance.”

*MS Just Dance Class – A video inspired by Cluedo, The Board Game

STATE-OF-THE-ART-CAMPUSDYNAMIC-COMMUNITYFLEXIBLE-CURICULUM*HS Senior special tribute by five Grade 12 students from the IASAS dance team, Lux anima titled “Cease Senior Dance 2020.”

Hosted and edited by virtual emcee and G12 student Joss Schubert, the dance show compilation video featured special performances from all of the ISKL After School Dance Groups!

Karen continued, “Thanks to all the dancers, parents, siblings, friends who helped the dancers film their ‘at home’ dances. And thank you to Joss, Daniel, and Sesha for their help in putting this together.”

She also thanked the Seniors “who have contributed so much to our ISKL Dance Community. Their quotes at the end of the Senior Dance can help us get through this current crisis.”

Last but not least, ISKL would like to acknowledge the rest of the production crew members in making this show a reality.

Thank you all students, staff, and faculty for their dedication and hard work in putting together this fantastic collaboration during lockdown!

They are:Virtual Emcee: Joss S.

Video Tech/Livestream: Daniel De Cruz

Program Poster: Seshadri Kalimuthu

MS/HS Dance Director: Karen Palko

Performances in Order of Appearance:

InstaDance Intro Video: CAS Project
Rou Szen L. & Emily C.

Video Editing IASAS Dance: Better When I’m Dancing
Daniel DC.

Video Filming & Editing MS Dance Elite:
MS Director’s Chair Elective with Shawn S.

Photo Editing & Video MS Dance Elite: Girl For All Seasons
Joss S.

Video Editing MS Dance Elite: Winter Song & Bloom
Karen Palko

Video Editing HS Lux Anima: Juice
Joss S.

Video Editing HS Dance Elite: Polarize
Karen Palko

Video Editing HS KTeam: Feel Special & Wow Thing
Hye Run K.

Video Editing MS Just Dance Class Videos: Tik Tok Compilation, JustDisDancing, Cluedo
Karen Palko

Video Editing HS Senior Send-Off: Cease
Isha A.

Video Editing Senior Tribute:
Karen Palko

IASAS Dance:

Isha A.
Evelyn R.
Guangwi C.
Jungwan (Catherine) K.
Kurumi M.
Lola A. F.
Olivia A.
Ming Xia (Anie) C.
Jazz N.

MS Dance Elite

Sarah S.
Brielle C.
Lily R.
Rochelle D.
Rania W.
Vaneska S.
Julia C.
Miu G.
Zihe (Zoey) X.
Ada R.
Estee T.
Alice V.P.

HS Lux Anima

Amanda S. (Exec)
Jess K. (Exec)
Allegra T. (Exec)
Anoushka V.
Rou Szen L.
Evelyn R.
Jasmine L.
Aoi T.
Emily C.

MS Lux Anima

Na Gyung (Sophia) O.
Yee (Kesha ) N.
Eri Y.
Sooin C.
Hyoin C.
Estee T.

HS Dance Elite

Ella N.
Kim M.
Ana M.
Josefine B.
Lily W.
Anika P.
Ada E.
Lucy A.
Rou Szen L.
Haruka S.
Herman W.

HS K Team

Eunice J. L. (Exec)
Chloe O. (Exec)
Hye Ryun K. (Exec)
Jess K.
Emily C.
Aoi T.
Mahiro N.
Chihiro N.
Allegra T.


Isha A.
Evelyn R.
Guangwi C.
Jungwan (Catherine) K.
Kurumi M.
Amanda S.
Joss S.

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