Celebrating Grade 5 and Grade 8 Students in Moving On Ceremonies

At ISKL, we have a long-standing tradition of honoring our Grade 5 and Grade 8 students for their exceptional contributions as they prepare to move on to the next stage in their educational journey.
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Home » ISKL Blog » Celebrating Grade 5 and Grade 8 Students in Moving On Ceremonies

It is a time-honored tradition at ISKL to celebrate our student’s transitions as they progress their learning journeys from one division to the next. Becoming a Middle or High Schooler is a significant time for all, and commemorating their achievements and contributions with a Moving On Ceremony is a meaningful way to recognize their accomplishments and growth as they progress from one phase of their education to the next.

As the 2022-2023 academic year came to a close, ISKL held its annual Moving On Ceremonies for both Grade 5 and Grade 8 students, who will be taking the next step in their academic journey in August this year.

Class of 2030: Moving on from Elementary to Middle School

On June 9, ISKL celebrated the rising of the Class of 2030 from Elementary to MS, marking the end of the first stage of their educational journey – and the start of a new beginning.






A highlight of this year’s ceremony was the sharing of favorite memories from Grade 5 as they looked back on their last year of ES. Students recounted many different recollections from a highly eventful school year, including the first day of school, music concerts, sports, the overnight field trip to Port Dickson, being a Red Hat, and having fun with friends.






Nadia B. (’30) shared a memory from the first day of Grade 5. “I crept slowly towards the classroom. Feeling nervous, I sat down next to a girl I didn’t know, so I introduced myself. It was my first day of fifth grade, and I had already made a new friend. This taught me that wherever you are, there will always be someone there for you.”

A memory from the Grade 5 Port Dickson field trip was shared by Marie B. (’30), where her friend helped her through a challenging encounter. “I felt the water of the cave rush by my legs, which gave me a shiver. I couldn’t take it anymore; this cave was everything I hated – but my friend went over to comfort me, and we went through it together.”






Jingheng S. (’30) shared an exciting memory from the soccer field. “We listen very carefully to the coach – we needed at least three goals to get through. Harrison takes the ball and passes by a few people – and bam! The ball went through, then seconds later, we scored not just one goal, not two, but three goals! We made it through, and we made the impossible!”

It was a pleasure to relive some of those unforgettable memories that the Class of 2030 made during their final year at ES, and we look forward to witnessing the new memories they will create in MS!

Class of 2027: Moving on from Middle to High School 

The Class of 2027 celebrated with a Moving On Ceremony on June 8 in the Robert B. Gaw Theatre, which was also captured via live stream








This year, 129 ISKL students transitioned from Middle to High School (HS). During the ceremony, MS Principal Peter Casey shared a special message with the Class of 2027: “Completing MS is a rite of passage and an essential step in your educational journey. This ceremony is our opportunity to bid you farewell as you continue on your journey into HS. We are sending you, an incredible group of young people who will be the future leaders of HS and beyond. Keep this positive connected vibe going – it is who you are. Let joy win out over self-doubt and pessimism. Let optimism be your legacy in HS as it was in MS. Finally, best of luck to you all. We are truly going to miss you next year. Mr. Farrington, I hand the Class of 2027 over to you.”






The bittersweetness of the occasion was felt by all in attendance when Joanna Florento, the MS Counselor, addressed the Class of 2027 with a heartfelt speech: “My dear Class of 2027 – congratulations, you have made it! I’m so proud of your progress, the roadblocks you have expertly navigated, and the myriad of ways you have grown since you first entered MS as wide-eyed sixth graders! I’m so honored and proud to have been your counselor and witnessed the amazing, resilient, and kind young adults you have become. I’d like to speak on behalf of your teachers, administrators, parents, and families and say that we are endlessly proud of you and know that you will go on to do fantastic things no matter where you are. Congratulations, Class of 2027, we love you!”






The Head of School at ISKL, Rami Madani, spoke to both grades about moving on to the next chapter, whether they were continuing at ISKL or moving to a new community, assuring them that their time at ISKL would always stay with them in the future. “We know you will do your best with every opportunity that will come your way next year, and we know that you will continue to shape your path as someone who knows themselves, cares for all, and contributes to creating a better world. If you are leaving ISKL, please know that we will miss you. We know you are ready and will do great next year, at ISKL or in a new country. Keep the Panther spirit with you, and keep ISKL with you in your heart,” shared Rami Madani.

A big congratulations again to our newest MS and HS Panthers! We are excited to witness your achievements in the next phase of your educational path.

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