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Book reviews are back...with a new twist! From political satire to crime novels that keep you on the edge of your seat, these are our community's top picks for August!
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It remains undisputed that during troubling times, readers seek solace in books. Whether they act as beacons of wisdom or coping mechanisms, books are the mirrors of the soul.

Literature allows readers to engage in different themes and values that help us navigate through obstacles in life. These values continue to serve us as assets throughout our journey. With that being said, here are some of the captivating reviews done by students, faculty, and parents for the month of August!


ISKL August Book Review No. 1 by Yuko Masuda, ISKL parent

OUT by Natsuo Kirino

Title: Out
Author: Natsuo Kirino
Genre: Crime

“Filled with mystery and vivid descriptions, this book keeps you at the edge of your seat until the very last word. Since reading this book, I have discovered a new side to myself, and have added new crime books to my reading list.”


ISKL August Book Review No. 2 by Augie W., Grade 8 student

Animal Farm by George Orwell

Title: Animal Farm
Author: George Orwell
Genre: Novella

“’Animal Farm is a satire about a group of farm animals that take over a farm from their cruel master. This book has definitely made me want to read some of George Orwell’s other works.”


ISKL August Book Review No.3 by Khor Huy Jye, ISKL Staff

In Extremis by Lindsey Hilsum

Title: In Extremis: The Life of War Correspondent Marie Colvin
Author: Lindsey Hilsum
Genre: Non-fiction/Biography

This book left a heavy lump in my throat, as I pondered on world issues such as feminism, politics, conflict, culture, and kindness.”


ISKL August Book Review No. 4 by Vinyasa P., Grade 10 Student

Rules for Vanishing by Kate Marshall

Title: Rules for Vanishing
Author: Kate Alice Marshall
Genre: Horror Fiction

“As soon as I read the first page of the book itself, I was hooked. The way the author creates the layout of the book was unique and something I had never seen before. It was incredibly fun to decipher everything as the book went along, and the fact it’s a horror/mystery/thriller book made it even more appealing to me.”


Thank you to all the book reviewers for sharing their passion for literature this month. Missed the May book review? We invite you to read them here.

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