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ISKL is a school where care, compassion, and global citizenship are nurtured at every level. We take great pride in our unique spirit that drives us towards excellence, aiming to make a positive difference in the world. Our school is not just a non-profit organization; it is parent-owned, meaning our students are its only shareholders. This distinctive bond has always inspired our commitment to excellence and dedication toward making a meaningful impact in the world.

On November 28, 2023, ISKL joined the worldwide celebration of #GivingTuesday for the second time. Our participation in this initiative aligns with our vision of caring for others and creating a better world. Throughout the month of November, we showcased the different ways altruism and philanthropy can manifest, creating a ripple effect of kindness that extends beyond our school. This effort has inspired others to join us in making a positive difference.

Last year, we raised an incredible amount of RM 14,950, where 50% of the funds raised were donated to the ISKL Inspire Campaign (formerly the Inspiration Fund), which is dedicated to People, Places, and Programs. Thanks to the donations fueled by our wonderful PTA and Alumni donors, we have been able to purchase equipment such as a Mass Run Timing System and a Sports Video Analysis System, as well as fund the beautification of the High School (HS) Garden and Mural, the HS Theatre Commons and run workshops by USA Guest Conductor Frank Troyka and Australian Artist-in-Residence, Mark Hill for the Middle School (MS) and HS Theatre students.

Next semester, we have more projects lined up, such as a student-led Batik Collaboration and Installation in Elementary School (ES).

Testimonials from 2022-2023 Inspire Campaign Projects

Panther run event at ISKL

“Events such as the Panther Run are truly community events that welcome participants of all ages and from every facet of our community. Beyond the curriculum, the outcome of having a Mass Running Timing System will be that the students will have a low-barrier opportunity to experience the benefits of being a part of a running community, which include increased fitness, feelings of achievement, engagement in a challenge, social connection, and mental well-being.”  ~ Julie Jonsson, HS Faculty and Panther Run Founder


MS students during theatre workshop

“Middle School, High School, and, in particular, International Baccalaureate (IB) Theatre students benefit from workshops with theater artists who are not just teachers but are actively working with theatre companies. The intended outcome of this project is for our students to experience firsthand the talents of a professional theater artist, which allows them to go beyond the classroom experience.”  ~ Tina Casey, HS/IB Theatre Teacher & Performing Arts Director on Mark Hill Artist-in-Residence Workshop


Mr Huang testing the camera

“The system easily records, analyzes, and shares footage with the team and community. No current solution for recording game footage is as feasible – other solutions are too expensive or time-consuming. It allows students to reflect on their learning and improve their outcomes. They can be more enthusiastic with feedback and highlights created automatically from each game.”~ Sim Huang, HS Teacher & Coach


“At ISKL, we cultivate passions and competencies to help our learners to become global citizens. This is a great opportunity for students to connect to our current unit in Batik and traditions and see how art is a feasible career that is lucrative and sustainable.”   ~ The ES Art Department


The remaining 50% was given to the High School (HS) Student Leadership Team, which distributed the money to three charitable service clubs selected by the students. They were the Circle of Alliance for Refugee Empowerment (CARE) Club, the Children’s Future Education Centre (CFEC) Club, and the ISKL Medics Club.

Testimonials from 2022 Giving Tuesday recipients

Head of the Fugee school receiving the sports equipment

“The donation from ISKL has been nothing short of transformative for our Fugee students. With these generous contributions, we’ve been able to expand our physical education offerings, both indoors and outdoors. The positive effects have been astounding. Our students now revel in a fun and active way of learning while gaining exposure to a wide array of sports, including basketball, badminton, and small-field tennis. This gift has truly opened doors to a world of physical development and excitement for our young learners.”  ~ Kudzai Charlton, aka K.C., Head of Education & Principal, Fugee School, on receiving the equipment from the Circle of Alliance for Refugee Empowerment (CARE) Club


CGEC Club food drive

“We used the funds received to purchase essential foods such as rice, milk, eggs, oil, noodles, and learning materials such as books and writing materials for the refugee children. We truly appreciate the Giving Tuesday funds that were approved and given to our club, which have helped improve the lives and living conditions of our CFEC schoolchildren.”   ~ Children’s Future Education Center (CFEC) Club


First Aid donation for Chin Refugee

“Our objective is to provide refugees with vital healthcare information and tools, educate them, and allow them to explore their passions and interests.With the donations we were graciously gifted from #GivingTuesday, our team has assembled first aid kits for the Chin refugees and conducted training on how to use them professionally. 

We hope many people from our community will donate to the upcoming #GivingTuesday so that many other ISKL service clubs can also fulfill their goals!”   ~ Kayne H. (‘24),  Mei Y. (‘24), Rika S. (‘24) and Sienna L. (‘25), ISKL Medics Club


This year, we aim to raise a total of RM20,000 (approx. USD 4,500) by the end of the year on December 31, 2023, which will allow us to give RM10,000 to student-led and chosen charitable causes and RM10,000 to the Inspire Campaign. Any amount donated will play a big part in enabling us to meet our goal: even a donation of RM 50, or USD 10, will play a significant role. Will you help us reach our goal?

To learn more about the ISKL Giving Tuesday campaign, read more here or donate a gift by visiting our Giving page here.

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