IWD: Catching up with Alumni Student Ayesha Malik (’23)

Ayesha Malik at the 68th Annual UN Commission on the Status of Women

International Women’s Month: Catching up with Alumni Student Ayesha Malik (’23)

Meet Ayesha Malik (’23), an ISKL Alumni student from Pakistan who recently served as a delegate at the prestigious 68th Annual UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW68) during the celebrated International Women’s Month in March 2024.

“My participation in CSW68 was a significant step towards my goal of making a difference. Working alongside passionate individuals and organizations at the forefront of gender equality advocacy was an inspiring and fulfilling experience that further fueled my commitment to championing equality in all aspects of society,” adds Ayesha.

After graduating from ISKL in June 2023, Ayesha embarked on a new journey in the United Kingdom and is currently studying Politics and International Relations at University College London (UCL). Her vision for the future is clear—she aims to pursue a career that will significantly impact diplomacy, policy analysis, or international consultancy. Her ultimate goal is to tackle global challenges in conflict resolution, economic development, or human rights advocacy.

Ayesha’s involvement at the UN Commission was not just mere participation but a testament to her active engagement in pivotal discussions. “I collaborated with diverse stakeholders and advocated for tangible solutions to advance gender equality, empower women, and address pressing global challenges. CSW68 was a platform to contribute to meaningful initiatives and leverage my skills and knowledge to make a positive impact.”

Giving Thanks to Influential Female Mentors at ISKL

International Women’s Month highlights the importance of having strong mentors. Mentors can guide students toward their passions and serve as vital role models, showing young women and girls the heights they can achieve in their careers and personal lives. Female mentors break down barriers and challenge stereotypes, providing support and encouragement crucial for empowering the next generation of women to pursue their dreams confidently.

Reflecting on her time at ISKL, Ayesha fondly remembers her HS IB English and Literature Teacher, Maria Sarnacki. Sarnacki’s impact on her was profound, extending beyond the classroom. Her warmth and approachability created an environment where Ayesha felt valued and supported. Whether discussing class material or seeking advice outside of class, Sarnacki was always there for her. Her genuine care for her students left a lasting impression on Ayesha, as she shares, “Ms. Sarnacki’s unwavering support and kindness have been instrumental in shaping my journey.”

Similarly, HS IB Coordinator Sarah Mannino greatly influenced Ayesha’s chosen educational path. “She is an amazing teacher and mentor who pushed me to strive for excellence. Ms. Mannino’s encouragement and belief in my abilities, especially when doubting myself, motivated me to challenge myself academically and pursue my goals.” Ayesha explains how Mannino’s support instilled her self-confidence and fueled her passion and interest in economics, which she plans to pursue as a career.

Teachers profoundly influence their students’ futures by serving as mentors who identify and nurture individual talents, guide students toward their passions, and offer support and encouragement to explore various career paths.
We wish Ayesha all the best in her future endeavors and look forward to hearing more about her professional journey. Have you recently been part of an exciting initiative or event? Share your story at [email protected].

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