10 Questions: Han Liu Chao (’00)

ISKL Alumni Han Liu Chao

10 Questions is where we introduce you to Alumni by having them answer 10 questions. Not your typical alumni profile, but a nice way to learn a bit more about fellow alumni. We recently met up with Han Liu Chao (’00) to see what he’s been up to and to ask him 10 questions.

Have you or anyone you know said they’ve seen or met your doppelganger? If so, who did they say was your double?


What do you take with you everywhere?

My wallet.

How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were?


What can you do today that you were incapable of a year ago?


If you could choose one book as a mandatory read for High School (HS) students, which book would you choose?

Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell.

What’s your number one advice for current Seniors as they approach adulthood?

Learn to listen more, especially to those who are more experienced or older than you.

What was your favorite class in ISKL and why?

PE – it was probably the only class I was good at.

What is one ISKL memorabilia that you still own?

My PE uniform from 1995.

What was your favorite part of the ISKL campus you attended, be it the Istana, Melawati, and Ampang (Jalan Kolam Air Lama) or Ampang Hilir location?

Ampang, everything was all relatively close together.

What was your first and last day at ISKL like?

Excited and then sad.


Han Liu Chao (’00) is currently working in Malaysia. If you want to get in touch with Han Liu, you can find him on our Alumni website.

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