ISKL Thespians Reignite An Old ISKL Tradition

Students signing of the Robert B. Gaw theatre wall

Bringing back older school traditions to a newer campus is a wonderful way to forge connections between the past and the present while fostering a sense of community. At ISKL, this rings true, with many time-honored traditions that are followed that carry a rich history and cultural significance that infuse the campus with stories that go beyond the physical spaces.

High School (HS)/IB Theatre Teacher and Performing Arts Director Tina Casey has brought over one particular tradition from the Ampang campus to the Ampang Hilir campus. She shares, “Often if you visit the older theaters in Broadway or the West End of London, or even Chicago, performers will sign the theater walls after a show to share that they have been there. And so we originally started this tradition at our Ampang campus where every closing night of a show, our ISKL Thespian Honor Society would sign the Robert B. Gaw Theater wall and forever be part of the history of the school’s Performing Arts division.”

Tina went on to explain how they had a slow start in bringing the tradition over to the Ampang Hilir campus due to the restrictions during the Covid pandemic lockdowns. However, this tradition has been reignited, and it is an excellent way to honor and celebrate ISKL Thespians who have graced the stage over the years.

By reintroducing rituals, events, and organizations, our ISKL community can undoubtedly relish in the nostalgia and strengthen ties with alums while creating lasting memories. These traditions, such as the signing of the Robert B. Gaw Theatre wall, indeed provide much stability and familiarity, honoring past achievements and cultivating a strong sense of school spirit. They establish a cohesive identity, fostering a vibrant community and ensuring our legacy lives on for years to come.

Do you remember being part of the ISKL Thespian Honor Society and participating in this tradition at the old Ampang campus? Let us know in your comments or email us at [email protected].

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