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POISKL Alexandra Chan

“Every new parent and student at ISKL will discover that there are opportunities to become involved in the community to suit every individual.”

Alexandra Chan is an actively involved parent at ISKL. Her enthusiasm for participating within the PTA community has evolved from being a committee member to more recently embarking on a co-sharing role as PTA President.  She encourages all new parents and students to understand that they are not alone when they join ISKL and offers invaluable advice to support their journey.

Here is Alexandra’s story.

PTA Co-President Alexandra & Tracy

Alexandra-Chan-HikingCan you tell us more about yourself?

I am a Malaysian married to Jesper, who hails from Denmark.  We have a son, Lucas, who is in Grade 9 at ISKL. We returned to Kuala Lumpur seven years ago, having lived in Latvia, Denmark, and China for a total of 10 years (with three different driving licenses to prove it!). I enjoy a wide variety of interests, including hiking, scuba diving, golfing, karaoke, and mahjong.

When and why did you choose ISKL for Lucas?

Lucas joined ISKL in Grade 6 and now enters High School in Grade 9. As prospective parents, we were impressed by the new Ampang Hilir campus and its non-profit education. We believed that ISKL’s overall approach to offering a holistic education and the state-of-the-art facilities available would support Lucas’ learning.

What is your experience as an ISKL parent?

It has been a wonderful experience. From the beginning, we have felt welcomed within the ISKL community, with many opportunities to engage and connect. This was even sustained throughout the pandemic when everything in life seemed so dire and disconnected.

How are you involved within the ISKL community?

For the past three years, I have enjoyed serving as the Middle School VP within the PTA ExecTeam.  This year, I am excited to be sharing the role of PTA President with Tracy Caton.

Alexandra-Chan-Birthday-CelebrationCan you offer any words of advice for new ISKL parents?

Yes, absolutely. I would advise parents to take time to visit the campus whenever possible to connect with the community. It is a luxury to be on campus and visit the library, enjoy coffee/lunch at Pretz n’ Beanz, communicate with staff members, and observe children play sports. I would also suggest that volunteering on the range of PTA committees is a rewarding experience and one that can support all individuals.

What is your most memorable experience at ISKL?

There are so many…where do I start? The most heartwarming experience for us as a family was when Lucas received a handwritten postcard from Middle School Principal, Mr. Casey, and Assistant Middle School Principal, Mr. Woodward.  It meant a great deal to us that during his first month at ISKL, his well-being was being so closely monitored and supported.

Tell us what you love most about ISKL.

Besides the incredible campus, I love that parents are encouraged to become involved within the community on so many levels. There is no separation between parents and educators, so we feel united as one big family.

What inspires you as an individual?

During my regular hikes or walks, I feel inspired by the beauty of nature surrounding me. It makes me feel grateful to be alive and surrounded by the people I love. I am also inspired by individuals who strive to make the world a better place through their selfless actions and endeavors.

What does the ISKL vision: know yourself, care for all, and create a better world mean to you?

It comes back to all that inspires me with the understanding that each individual is not here to solve every problem, but small actions can make big differences. Essentially, do good, be good, and always hope for a positive outcome.


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