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Published: Monday, 11 November, 2019

music concert at elementary schoolAs a student of music and a pianist for many years I understand the joy that music can bring to one’s own life and those of others. I also have a very personal appreciation of the important life skills associated with both learning to play an instrument and performing – critical thinking, calculated risk taking, decision making and collaboration – to name just a few. These skills apply, of course, not only to music but to all the Arts and it is widely acknowledged that exposure to music, performing and visual arts are integral to developing balanced learners and well rounded students.

From Early Childhood through High School, our mission is to provide each student with the time, environment, and opportunities to be enquirers, to follow their passion and to develop their artistic capabilities as well as their cognitive abilities. We see the Arts as central to student development and our rich range of opportunities that are both embedded within our curriculum and offered after school are critical components in shaping learning and building leadership skills. As we head towards the end of this semester we have much to look forward as students prepare to celebrate their learning with various concerts and performances.

We have so much taking place at our school at any given time, and this week’s Arts scene at ISKL is no exception – the amazing student-led MS dance Xtraordinare, IASAS Film and Art CulCon taking place at the Singapore American School, and the culmination of the audition process for the IASAS Music Convention being held at the International School Bangkok next March. These students embody the student learner profile that we aspire to – collaborative, confident, and comfortable in taking calculated risks – they are to be truly commended and celebrated.

choir and music at high school

Yours in collaboration and learning,

Rami Madani
Head of School

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