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Published: Monday, 24 February, 2020

2040 may sound futuristic and a long way off but it is the year that our youngest learners are likely to be joining the workforce and embarking on their careers. A quick internet search describes the workplace of 2040 as being transformed by automation and artificial intelligence, reliant on the Internet of Things, and our students holding jobs that are yet to be invented. Sound unfamiliar? Maybe not …

Whilst it is impossible to truly be certain what life will look like for our students between now and 2040 (and beyond), the 21st-century skills articulated in our School-wide Learning Results and practiced every day here at school, will be key to helping them navigate and succeed. Our Seniors, for example, are soon to enter a workforce where the four generations depicted below are working side by side – a workforce where the skills they have developed in collaboration and effective communication will be critical.

generation chart

As educators and stewards responsible for preparing our learners for their future, we base our approach to future-readiness on research and best practice. Our academic and co-curricular programs are intentionally designed today to incorporate teaching and learning opportunities that enable our students to develop and practice the skills they will need in the future, and include school-wide innovative technology programs.

Our after school robotics program is a great example of this and it has been exciting to watch participation in the program grow over the past three years. We are extremely proud that ISKL will be hosting the inaugural MS VEX IQ Malaysian National Robotics Championship on Saturday, February 22. Programs and events such as this provide important opportunities for our students to put the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) concepts learned in the classroom into action, AND at the same time to practice the 21st-century skills of collaboration, communication, and critical thinking that will play such an important role in their lives and future.

ISKL robotics

Yours in collaboration and learning,

Rami Madani
Head of School