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POISKL ES Cultural Team Presenters


This week we talk to three bright and big-hearted students who besides being Grade 5 Red Hats, were also part of Ms. Nalini’s Elementary School (ES) Cultural team last year, where they led and participated in the virtual celebrations of Malaysia Day and Deepavali.

Ludovica P. (‘29) and Ali C. (‘29) both gave in-depth presentations about Malaysia, its states, the flora and fauna and common everyday words in Bahasa Malaysia. Sameera K. (‘29) on the other hand gave a brave and meaningful explanation about the Festival of Lights (Diwali) and even showed instructions on how to wear a saree. We caught up with these students to find out more about them.

Here are their stories.

What do you love most about Malaysia and Malaysian culture?

Ludovica: I love the beautiful landscapes- such as the beaches and the jungles. I also love the food because all the meals are so similar, yet all have their unique flavors and texture.

Ali: In Malaysia, I love the food and how it is very authentic. I also love how there are so many malls and not only Malaysian food in them. I think that it is great to have rainy and dry seasons. The buildings are also unique because they are all so high, and the skyline is incredible. I have never seen such beautiful islands and how easy it is to access them. The sea is stunning and so are the waters. I spent half my life in KL, and it is my favorite place I have ever lived in.

Sameera: As a Malaysian, I like the food and diversity!

What grade did you join ISKL/how long have you been schooling here?

Ludovica: I have been at ISKL since second grade.

Ali: I joined ISKL in grade 4, so this is my second year. 


Sameera: I joined back in Prep Senior; I was in PSSA, Ms. Sarah Allum’s class. I have been at ISKL for six years.

ES Diwali Celebrations

What is your favorite SLR, and why?


Ludovica: My favorite SLR is ‘Learn Enthusiastically’ because I think that learning is not just fundamental but also something that we should enjoy, and the SLR ‘Learn Enthusiastically’ says that.

Ali: My favorite SLR is’ Communicate Effectively’ because I talk a lot with my friends and in class in general.

Sameera: My favorite SLR is ‘Collaborate Constructively’ because, to me, it means I must always try to include and work with others in all sorts of activities, whether it’s inside or outside of school. When we collaborate constructively, I get to hear different ideas rather than just mine. 

How fast did you learn the Melawati Way? How do you practice it at home?

The Melawati Way

Ludovica: I learned the Melawati Way pretty quickly because, in second grade, we mainly talked about it a lot, so I always tried to show that I followed and practiced it. I practice it at home by reducing screen time under ‘Take Care of Myself,’ and I help my mom set the table when she is busy with other things, which is an example of ‘Taking Care of Others.’ Finally, I also try my best to stay organized to take care of this Place. 

Ali: I learned the Melawati Way within a few weeks! One way I practice at home is by not throwing trash on the floor.

Sameera: I learned the Melawati Way pretty quickly, I think! I practice it at home by taking care of others, such as helping my dad shower my dog. I ‘take care of this place’ at home when I make something and make sure I clean up after myself. An example of ‘taking care of myself’ at home is when I do my homework and get frustrated because I don’t understand something; I would then tell myself it is okay to take a break before coming back to it and trying again.

What is your favorite subject or favorite place to be on campus?

Ludovica: My favorite place to be on campus is probably the (ES) library because I love reading, and it’s nice and quiet. My favorite subject is maths because it’s always exciting and I think that numbers have always fascinated me.

Ali: My favorite subject is P.E. because I love sports, especially soccer, hence why the lower field is my favorite place on campus!

Sameera: My favorite subject is Art because I get to be creative and take a break from all the other subjects that require more mental effort. My favorite place in school is the cafeteria because I get to connect with my friends while I eat. 

What do you like most about ISKL?

Sameera Flag ParadeLudovica: What I like about ISKL is that it’s an international school and so my friends are from all over the world, and I get to learn new things about their cultures and countries. Another thing I like about ISKL is that we change classes every year, so we always meet new people and make new friends. I know that you stay with the same class in some places throughout their entire elementary school, and you will have a limited number of friends!

Ali: I love the facilities. I love that the field is enormous; the playground has a zip line and an obstacle course because it is very enjoyable to play in.

Sameera: I like ISKL because I feel included in every way, whether in or outside the classroom.

What are your hobbies and interests? What do you love doing after school?

Ludovica: One of my biggest hobbies is swimming, and I have been swimming my whole life, and I enjoy it. I also like gymnastics because I like moving around and I can do cool tricks. Overall I like sports and activities that might involve more movement. I also like Art. In my spare time or after school, I might paint or find something new to make. Finally, I enjoy reading, it’s fun, and it’s like ‘watching’ a whole movie, but you can imagine it by yourself. It’s like entering a new world. I personally really like historical fiction books.

Ali: I love playing soccer and watching T.V.

Sameera: Some things I like to do when I get home from school are painting, making things with clay, and drawing. I love painting because I can make a whole world in my head and make it come to life with some colors and a paintbrush. I also like creating things. Recently, I made something called a ‘God’s eye’ with some yarn. I learned how to do it by watching a video, making a bunch, and giving them to friends. I even hung them up on my bedroom ceiling. I’ve started making figurines out of air-dry modeling clay this past week! I love creating things!

What are the best things that have happened in class recently?

Ludovica AMIS

Ludovica: We recently had March Book Madness in class. I love it as it’s so much fun mixing reading with a competition. That makes you want to read and learn to like other genres you might initially have been disinterested in.

Ali: During Science class, we experimented what happens when you leave salt and freshwater to dry. 

Sameera: One of the best things was when we tried to produce a play in class with my classmates. When we opened up auditions, nearly all of my classmates signed up to audition for a role!

If you could be any character from a movie/book, who would it be, and why?

Ludovica: If I could be from a book, I would like to be from the latest book that I read, “Millionaires for the Month.” Felix needed to spend $5,368,709.12 with a friend in a month in this book. You can’t invest, give money to charity/ people, nor get gifts for others, and you can’t tell anyone about it. I want to be Felix because he needs to spend all this money, which would be fun, but also about making new friends, and he learns lessons such as “money can’t buy things that matter most.” Also, I think he made many people happy, like getting his sister a wedding that she had been saving up for years (even though it was a gift, it is fair if they enjoy it together.) I want to make people happy as Felix did too. 

Ali: I think I would like to be Spiderman because of the spiderwebs. 

Sameera: I would want to be Hermione Granger from Harry Potter because she is brilliant and kind and her life is full of adventure.

What is your favorite moment of the day?

Ludovica: It would be the morning because we have fun specials (specialist classes), and I am still full of energy for the day.

Ali: My favorite time of the day is the morning because my classes include music, library, or Art, and then I would either have P.E. or World Language (Chinese) afterward.

Sameera: My favorite moment of the day would be recess. I get to have fun with my friends and relax, especially during lunch recess since we would have just finished some heavy classes.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Ali DivingLudovica: I want my job to be fun but still meaningful. Right now, one thing that I wouldn’t mind might be architecture and interior design.

Ali: When I grow up, I want to be a soccer player.

Sameera: I want to be a movie director because I love movies and entertain people by telling stories that they can laugh and cry about and have an emotional roller coaster watching it!

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

Ludovica: I would like to be able to read minds. I’m not sure why, maybe because I can know what people want and I could make them feel good. Perhaps also because it would be so fun to know what people are thinking.

Ali: It would be healing people because I could help all of the people that have medical issues.

Sameera: The ability to talk to animals. I love animals, and it would be cool to understand them and their world and what they think about us, humans!

What does “Be All You Are” mean to you?

Ludovica: I think that “Be All You Are” might mean that you should be yourself and try your hardest. Maybe also be all of yourself, not just your fun side or smart side but everything.

Ali: I think it means don’t try being like someone else, just be yourself even if you are different.

Sameera: It means being unique and not changing yourself because others are not like you.

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