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“One person alone cannot create a ‘better world,’ so if many people have this mindset, we could get closer to something that seems to be a better world.”

Born in Sarajevo, Lamija M. (’23) has been at ISKL since 2019, having lived in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the United Kingdom, France, and Russia before Malaysia. She actively participates in co-curricular activities such as Tri-M, CARE club, and the IPYO (ISKL Philharmonic Youth Orchestra). She is interested in studying medicine or pharmacology after graduating.

Here is Lamija’s story:


POISKL 129 - Lamija Mrndic ProfileDo tell us more about yourself.

I was born in Sarajevo, the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina. When I was three years old, I moved to France, and in second grade, I lived in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, for one year. After that, I returned to France again, then to London in February 2019, and subsequently joined ISKL in Grade 9 in December 2019.

Do you participate in any co-curricular activities at ISKL?

I participate in Tri-M, CARE club, and the IPYO (ISKL Philharmonic Youth Orchestra).

Any plans for after you graduate ISKL – what would you like to do?

After ISKL, I would like to pursue medicine or pharmacology.

Can you tell us more about your hobbies and interests?

I like playing the violin, and I’ve been playing since I was nine. Music has been a constant in my life as I have continued to play in all the places I’ve lived, and ISKL is an amazing place to foster that passion.


Do you have any thoughts on your career pathway?

Ever since I was little, I knew that I wanted to do something related to healthcare, either directly or indirectly. I enjoy science and learning about health, and those career options would fulfill those desires the best.

What are your hopes and dreams for the future?

I don’t know what I want for my future, but I want to do something meaningful for myself and others daily. I want to use my knowledge, my time, and my resources at the service of others as much as I can.

What are your plans for after you graduate from ISKL – what would you like to do after?

After ISKL, depending on which university I attend, I want to continue working toward my career and life goals.

Who or what inspires you or has influenced you?

The people who have inspired and influenced me the most are my parents. I have so much respect and admiration for their hard work and the sacrifices they have made so that I could have the learning and living conditions I have today. They taught me the importance of perspective and perseverance and have pushed me to improve.

Describe your most memorable moment at ISKL.

POISKL-129-Lamija-M-Performing at IPYO

My most memorable moment at ISKL was the IPYO concert in May 2022. This was a particularly emotional moment for me and everyone else because it was my first musical performance at ISKL, where visitors and parents were allowed on campus. We were still wearing masks, but the fact that there was no social distancing needed and that my parents could see me play live after so long was special. This was also a unique year because when I was in Grade 10, IPYO had gotten canceled because of the pandemic.

There is also a personal element to the significance of this event, as I was the Concertmaster and had a lot of responsibility as the Orchestra leader. Seeing all of our hard work finally consecrated and celebrated was very memorable – that was indeed a special evening.

POISKL-129-Lamija-M-Helping-HandsWhat does “Know yourself, care for all and create a better world,” mean to you?

This statement should be applied by all daily.

It means we must navigate this world with an open mind and constantly look toward helping others. Knowing yourself means knowing your strengths and weaknesses, knowing where to grow and how to use and improve them. One person alone cannot create a “better world,” so if many people have this mindset, we could get closer to something that seems to be a better world.


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