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Provides students with a choice of pathways, such as PRAXIS (Grade 9); the IB Diploma Programme or ISKL Pursuits Program (Grade 11 and 12) which can be structured to include Advanced Placement courses. All students who meet ISKL’s graduation requirements receive an ISKL High School Diploma.

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Dear Parents, 

Jeff Farrington - ISKL's High School PrincipalOver the years ISKL has built its outstanding international reputation by balancing academic excellence and nurturing student well-being. In the High School, we provide opportunities for a very diverse student body in which to engage and to find success.

Our aim is to provide students a unique educational experience which offers challenging academic programs and co-curricular opportunities designed to serve the differing needs, interests, talents, and aspirations of students from a wide range of cultural backgrounds.

Students have a host of initiatives from which to choose in order to develop, grow, and ultimately benefit. Through this, ISKL graduates leave our school community with options. It is our belief that students find the best fit when evaluating post-secondary choices, therefore, we are exceedingly proud of the variety of institutions around the world at which our graduates have been offered positions.

Yours in partnership, 

Jeff Farrington
High School Principal

High School Contact
P: +603 4813 5003
E: [email protected]

Jeff is the High School Principal and has been with ISKL since 2014. He has been an administrator for more than 20 years. Jeff began his international education career in 1994 and is actively involved in leading instruction, assessment, and teacher supervision since 2000 (MS Principal, HS Principal, K-12 Director of Learning). He was a recipient of the US-based National Association for Secondary School Principals (NASSP) 2021 Principal of the Year. Jeff holds a Master’s degree in International Education, BEd, and BSc.

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