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Inclusion is at the very heart and soul of our identity at ISKL. It is part of our DNA, our culture, and our community.
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Our mission is to provide an exceptional education that challenges each student – this means that we embrace diversity in nationality, language, gender, faith, learning differences, and all the other wonderful characteristics that make us individuals. Our caring and inclusive culture provides programming that allows equal access and opportunity for students to succeed and find their passion. 

The Elementary School Student Resource Team (SRT) is composed of English as an Additional Language (EAL) teachers, Learning Resource (LR) teachers, Counselors, an Educational Psychologist, and a Speech and Language Pathologist. Our teachers provide support to students and classroom teachers in order to ensure that each student becomes a successful learner. Our teachers provide flexible opportunities for students to access the knowledge and understandings included in the curriculum.

The Life-Centered Education (LCE) program is one facet of the continuum of services we are proud to provide. LCE has been designed to meet the needs of students with intensive special education needs who require individualized academic and social skill instruction. Customized support and instruction is provided by highly trained special educators and assistant teachers who focus on teaching literacy, mathematics, social skills, and life skills to every student. Additionally, students are integrated into our school elective classes and optional after school activities.