A conversation with Guest Speaker Jane Thompson

ISKL is pleased to welcome Jane Krill Thompson to speak with our ES and MS parents about raising HEALTHY children.

Jane has 28 years of international experience supporting families with children and is a qualified examiner in developmental assessments. She has expertise in child development, early intervention strategies, and parent coaching.

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Jane Krill Thompson has 28 years of experience supporting families and their children. In the United States, she has worked with the Montgomery County Public Schools in the Infant and Toddler Program, the Preschool Education Program, and Adult Education. While abroad, she has had the opportunity to work with various NGOs, and American- International Schools. In her recent posting in Romania, Jane served as the Chair of the Board of Trustees at the American International School of Bucharest, and on the Advisory Boards of Ovidiu Ro, the Finlandia School, and the Citim Impreuna Literacy organization. She also coordinated the Parent Skills Training Initiative in cooperation with Autism Speaks and the World Health Organization.

Jane is a qualified examiner in developmental assessments and has expertise in child development, early intervention strategies, and parent coaching. She provides seminars and workshops for parents, professional development for educational staff and often mentors students and novice early interventionists. She has a BS in Child Development and an MS in Early Childhood Special Education and Early Intervention.

Jane and her husband, Dean Thompson, Deputy Chief of Mission at the US Embassy, have three adult children and two old dogs who are spending their senior years sleeping under fans.

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Topic: Beginning with the End in Mind

Date: 12 March, 2018
Time: 9:00 am
Venue: MPR1 - Ampang Campus
Target audience: Parents of Elementary School and Middle School students

Brief Description:

Our years of parenting pass quickly, and often time seems to pass in a blur as we make decisions that we believe will ensure our child’s future success. Before we know it the diapers and sleepless nights become homework, piano lessons, and sports practice. The adolescent victories and challenges fly by, and we are stunned to realize that our precious youngster is launching into adulthood. Current feedback from leaders in higher education such as Julie Lythcott–Haimes from Stanford University indicates that we may be missing some basic but vital grown-up markers. Are we putting our focus on the important things? Will our sons and daughters be prepared to navigate this world and independently manage the hard stuff?

The foundation that we set in the early years has a strong impact on the adult that our child will become and it is important that we make intentional and thoughtful parenting choices. Please join me as we take some time to reflect on and discuss some of the key areas that impact the future capacity and character of our children.

  • Fostering independent problem solvers
  • Nurturing resilience and grit
  • Valuing of the soft skills