Strategic Plan

“ISKL's Strategic Plan is rooted in our mission and vision and provides a roadmap for our work together as a school over the coming years.”

Strategic Plan 2018-2021

Our Mission

The International School of Kuala Lumpur provides an exceptional education that challenges each student to develop the attitudes, skills, knowledge and understanding to become a highly successful, spirited, socially responsible global citizen.

Our Vision

To walk in a harmonious environment where care follows closely behind; learning is stimulated, curiosity is sparked, vision is cultivated and action is inspired.


Strategic Priorities and Objectives
Our Strategic Priorities

Our Strategic Priorities are the primary areas we will focus on in order to provide exceptional education in an environment in which our students will thrive in our complex world.

Advancing Learning

We implement learning programs that are engaging, challenging, innovative, and inspirational which empower each student to become highly successful.

Nurturing Wellness

We provide opportunities, along with the skills and knowledge, to equip our students to achieve the physical and emotional balance that is needed throughout life.

Promoting Partnerships

We value the partnerships that are created within our learning community, and beyond.

Developing Organizational Growth

We ensure our organization is growth minded and effective through the advancement of our systems, long term sustainability, and the professional learning of our colleagues.

Our Strategic Objectives

Our Strategic Objectives are the key components of what we will do to achieve our Strategic Priorities.

Promote excellence by delivering 21st Century learning aligned with ISKL Learning Principles while promoting innovation and student agency

Ensure that the learning needs of all our students are met as we become more inclusive

Further the integration of ISKL School-wide Learning Results in teaching and student learning

Nurture a caring culture of service, trust, and professional collaboration

Promote health, safety, and wellbeing through taking care of mind and body and equipping our students with the ability to manage change and challenges effectively

Ensure that our programs provide students with a balance of offerings that support their well-rounded development

Further develop global citizenship through meaningful, respectful and authentic partnerships within our school, local and global communities

Enrich relationships with local schools, businesses and organizations for the mutual benefit and growth of all involved

Improve our systems, facilities, outreach, and resources to support the efficient and successful operations of ISKL

Mindfully increase enrollment through marketing ISKL as a leading school regionally and globally to support financial sustainability

Recruit and retain high quality faculty and staff who are committed to ISKL’s mission, vision, and SLRs and engage in ongoing professional learning

Our Delimiters

We will not initiate any programs or service unless:

  • It contributes to our mission;
  • It is preceded and accompanied by professional development;
  • It is accompanied by necessary communication;
  • It is accompanied by a plan to assess its effectiveness;
  • There are sufficient resources available to assure effective implementation.

“ISKL is the premier school of choice in Malaysia with a reputation of exceptional education world-wide”

Approved by the Board of Directors: May 2018