A Time to Share and Celebrate


A Time to Share and Celebrate

My thanks to all our parents who joined us for the Head of School Coffee last week.  It was a great learning opportunity to hear your perspectives on our school and we have shared an overview of the key themes on the Panther Parent Partnership Hub. We will be continuing these important forums next year as we work together in shaping our vision for the future. 

To another wonderful learning opportunity… as Inclusive Schools Week concludes and we reflect on what it means to be an inclusive community, it is an opportune time to also appreciate that whatever our background, culture or belief, celebrating shared experiences brings us closer together as a community. 

ISKL inclusive school week activities

Combine 1,758 students, 68 nationalities and a dynamic community with an action-packed learning and co-curricular program, and there is always much to share and celebrate at ISKL. However, there are some periods in the school year when these opportunities multiply and this is certainly the case for this final month of Semester 1! It’s a fantastic time to experience, appreciate, and enjoy the diversity of our school… 

It’s a time for learning celebrations from Early Childhood all the way through to Grade 12 when we celebrate the culmination of learning journey here at ISKL for Joselin F., our only early graduate this year. It’s a time for musicians to share their learning with performances that give us the opportunity to experience the results of the many hours of practice, dedication, and collaboration that has been invested in their passion for music. It’s a time for celebrating reunions with many members of our alumni community making plans to reunite with classmates all over the world, as well as here at ISKL with two fun alumni events on the calendar. 

Finally, it’s the time of year when we celebrate ‘Christmas Around the World’ in Elementary School. Regardless of our beliefs, this unique PTA event, like so many of our long-standing traditions, creates a shared experience that connects us as a community. Our parent volunteer Christmas Around the World Co-ordinator, Mike Fisher, describes the event as “a celebration of giving, culture, tradition, and creativity - an affirmation as to what makes our ISKL community truly special”. This is a wonderful descriptor that I truly believe applies to our culture and community here at ISKL all year round. 

In the busy weeks ahead, I hope you enjoy these, and the many other wonderful opportunities we have planned to celebrate the learning, growth and passions of our students.

Yours in collaboration and learning,

Rami Madani
Head of School