Reflecting on what Malaysia means to us


Reflecting on what Malaysia means to us

Whether you were born and raised in Malaysia or, like me, lucky enough to now call Malaysia home – we all share the great privilege of celebrating National Day on Monday, August 31. Those who have been on campus today will have noticed many of our faculty and staff paying tribute to all that Malaysia means to each of us by dressing in traditional Malaysian outfits. As you will see from the photo below, the colors and diversity are truly joyful and reflect the wonderful diversity of our community as well as our appreciation of Malaysia.

National Day is an important milestone in Malaysia's rich history celebrating independence from colonial rule in 1957. This year the Government has chosen to pay tribute to Malaysia’s remarkable collective effort to fight COVID-19. ‘Malaysia Prihatin’ (Malaysia Cares) has been chosen as the theme for both National Day on Monday and Malaysia Day on September 16 to reflect the unity of all Malaysians in fighting to overcome the pandemic. The heart-shaped logo and incorporation of Jalur Gemilang (colors of the Malaysian flag) symbolizes the concern for Malaysians, unity and well-being.

The overarching theme of care, unity, and well-being resonates deeply with us. It echoes the culture of care and empathy here at ISKL, our commitment to inclusion, and our focus on nurturing well-being. It reminds me of the importance of our mission, vision and the values that guide us – that we see the success of our students not solely based on academic achievement but also measured by the attitudes, dispositions and life-skills they develop which enable them to go on to live fulfilled lives, and transform conditions for themselves, others and the environment.

'Malaysia Prihatin' also reminds us that the fight against COVID-19 is ongoing and that we must remain focused on safety at all times. For this reason, we held our first virtual Open House this week. My thanks to our parents for embracing the concept and to our teachers who recorded an amazing total of 492 individual videos to introduce themselves and share with parents what learning will look like in the year ahead. We still have a number of students learning off campus and it was wonderful to know that our entire community, regardless of where they are in the world, were united in sharing the same Open House experience. We have had overwhelmingly positive feedback and as always we are so appreciative that we have such active and involved parents.

Watching the videos of teachers talking with passion about their approach to learning and speaking with parents who are so engaged in their child’s learning journey, I am reminded of what a unique community we have here at ISKL. As I enjoy the long weekend I will be reflecting on how fortunate we all are to belong to such a united school community and to be living here in this wonderful country. I hope you all enjoy the break and I wish everyone Selamat Menyambut Hari Merdeka.

Yours in partnership,

Rami Madani
Head of School


Some of our faculty and staff paying tribute today to all that Malaysia means to them
by dressing in traditional Malaysian outfits.