Why is the School embarking on the Campus Plan?

It has been our dream to develop a new campus that will re-unite the Elementary School again with the Middle and High Schools in a purpose built facility. Constraints at the Ampang campus are particularly evident as the school will soon lose the use of a playing field. The new facility will allow ISKL to incorporate the latest in teaching and learning space design, with unique spaces for performance and sport for both students and the community.

What will become of the old campuses after ISKL moves to the new campus?

The Board is currently evaluating the best use of the campuses at both Ampang and Melawati as it plans for the future. Options include selling, leasing or even holding some space for future growth.

Where is the new campus?

The new campus in Ampang Hilir, the heart of the Embassy district of Kuala Lumpur. Close to the City Centre and in the middle of the school’s catchment area, it sits along Jalan Ampang Hilir adjacent to the both the Royal Selangor Polo Club and the Raintree Club.

What's unique about the new campus? What sets ISKL apart from the other schools?

The new ISKL campus will have facilities that are unique to the landscape of other international schools in the region. Distinguishing elements are the Center for Performing Arts (with its four elements including a 650 seat Theatre, Concert Recital Hall, Blackbox Theatre, Atrium Amphitheatre, and an aquatics complex which includes a 50 m competition pool, 25 m pool, and a swimming pool for young learners. The school is also being designed to achieve Platinum GBI, which will be another unique marker for a school in Malaysia.

When will the new campus open?

Plans are to open the new campus for students in August 2018.

How will local people benefit from the new building?

The school’s vision is for the new Ampang Hilir campus to serve as an education hub for the region. Whether it is the school’s extensive annual Professional Development offerings, or the performances in the new Performing Arts center, the intention is that the campus will serve as a resource to the community in Kuala Lumpur.

What are you doing to ensure that the plans are as sustainable as possible?

ISKL has hired an Environmental Consultant to identify all of the best possible approaches to sustainability. The target for ISKL is to achieve a Platinum Level for the Green Building Index (GBI), which is the highest achievement for GBI. No other school in Malaysia has achieved this status.

Will the project be using locally-sourced materials and contractors?

Yes, wherever possible. Part of sustainability is to address the issue of sourcing local material as opposed to having material transported over long distances.

How long does it take to get to the new campus from Ampang Campus?

Approximately 10 minutes, if the traffic is favorable.

How long does it take to get to the new campus from Melawati Campus?

Approximately 30 minutes, if the traffic is favorable.

How many parking spaces are available on the new campus?

Approximately 500 parking bays have been identified for the basement and there are around 30 parking bays at grade. When the buses are not on the site at grade, there is a possibility of another 200 parking bays.

Will you be cutting down any trees during construction?

Yes. To construct a facility of this size and scope, trees will have to be removed from the site. To offset the cutting of these trees, ISKL is working with a local craftsman to make furniture and guitars from the wood cut from site. In addition, the school is looking at a reforestation project in a nearby area to offset that which has been lost for construction. Finally ISKL has worked with an environmental consultant, landscape designer, and the Kuala Lumpur City Council ensure that all works are undertaken in a responsible manner.

Is the school really going to be ready by August 2018?

At the current time the deadline of August 2018 remains achievable, despite some delays in achieving some project milestones. We are working diligently to remain on schedule and have contingency plans should this ambitious timeline prove unachievable.

What about traffic in the area?

Traffic is a legitimate concern in the area - and as such, the school has commissioned a traffic study to hopefully mitigate traffic issues which are inevitable in this busy area of Kuala Lumpur.