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Published: Friday, 2 December, 2022

Rami at Inclusive Week VOXOnly two weeks of Semester 1 are left to go and we have a packed schedule of learning-focused and exciting events to look forward to school-wide. These include one of our long-standing Elementary traditions organized by our amazing PTA, Christmas Around the World on December 7. This year 14 different communities will be sharing how they celebrate Christmas in their part of the world through activities, music, and dance. Plus of course, there will be an opportunity for a photo with Santa! My thanks to all those working so hard to make this event so special.

Regardless of our beliefs, this unique event, like so many of ISKL’s traditions, creates a shared experience that celebrates the wide range of diverse identities that comprise our community. This celebration of “Unity within our Community” has been the focus of this week’s Inclusive Schools Week. It has been a joy to see our students engaged in activities and learning centered around embracing the diversity present in our community including creating their own unique panther paw print artwork to reflect their own unique identities which are being curated into a school-wide mural.

One of the Inclusive Schools Week’s events for parents was the VOX panel discussion about equity and inclusion which took place yesterday (December 1). The discussion resonated deeply with me and I thank our panelists for their vulnerability and honesty in sharing their experiences with us and our High School students for moderating the discussion so well. For those who missed it, we will be sharing the recording with parents in next week’s Panther News.

Open Board Meeting

Thank you to our parents who attended the Open Board meeting last week. These meetings are a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the work of our Board who do so much for our school and students. My thanks to the Board Committee Chairs for their presentations and to all our Board members led by Board Chair Toshi Saito for the time and energy they devote to representing our diverse community so capably.

Conversation with the Head of School

As part of our program for parents, we have our next optional Conversation with the Head of School coming up on Tuesday, December 13. The session is an informal opportunity for us to connect as a community, share ideas, and ask questions. For those who missed the last Head of School In Partnership session (November 16), I will also be sharing a recap of the presentation and talking about the importance of Social and Emotional Learning and the research that supports it.

I very much hope you enjoy the many wonderful opportunities we have planned to celebrate the learning, growth, and passions of our students in the final weeks ahead.

In partnership,

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Rami Madani
Head of School