What is the Inspiration Fund?
The Inspiration Fund is ISKL’s annual fund. It seeks gifts from all of the school’s various community members in support of key initiatives which have the greatest impact on students.
How is Annual Giving different then a Capital Campaign or an endowment?

Annual giving is just that - annual. Money is raised each year for key strategic initiatives and spent that year or in the subsequent year.

Capital Campaigns usually seek to raise large sums of money for specific projects - typically buildings.

Endowments are permanently restricted funds, usually designated for a specific purpose; the principal is invested and only interest is spent.

Why does ISKL need to raise money at all?
ISKL, like many international schools, has been well managed over the years with tuition fees covering most all of the school’s operating needs. Here, we will use private philanthropy to provide for extraordinary things that simply cannot be funded through the operating budget. This margin of excellence will have the greatest impact on students and is aligned with our mission. Soon, ISKL will also be in the early phases of a Capital Campaign, which will seek gifts to support our new state of the art campus along Jalan Ampang Hilir.
Are my gifts to the Inspiration Fund tax- deductible?
Through our new affiliation with Give2Asia, US taxpayers can make a gift to support ISKL and receive a tax deduction for that gift. Malaysian tax law does not allow local taxpayers to claim tax relief for gifts to ISKL at this time.
So what about the Booster Club and PTA and their fundraising?
Both of these parent run organizations raise money annually in support of ISKL. This year, both groups will join with the Office of Advancement to raise RM 500,000 in support of the Inspiration Fund and its objectives under Inspiring Programs. By combining efforts, we hope to have a greater impact on students now by funding strategic priorities.
How much should I give?
Every gift counts - every gift is important!