Total Goals: RM10 million

Subgoal 1

Community-wide Opportunities and Key Facility Naming RM4 million

Through our community-wide fundraising campaign, we will work to raise RM4 million, which will include the naming of special plaques on our new donor wall, classrooms, Commons areas, key facilities in the arts, athletics, libraries, and more. To achieve this goal, we will require the support of many in our community, participating at a variety of levels; every gift makes a difference!

Subgoal 2

Performing Arts Center RM6 million*

A sponsorship of RM6 million will name the Performing Arts Center for the life of the school. The naming of ISKL’s Performing Arts Center will allow for it to be completed sooner and represents a long term goal for the school.

  • Concert Recital Hall: RM3 million*
  • Black Box Theatre: RM3 million*

* This reflects the minimum needed to complete the Aquatics Center, Concert Recital Hall, and Black Box Theatre. ISKL invites interested parties in these significant opportunities to discuss in detail the actual structure of the sponsorship, in conjunction with the Head of School and Director of Strategic Development, noting that all named spaces require the approval of the Board of Directors.