The dream of a new campus for the International School of Kuala Lumpur is now becoming a reality. An iconic new, purpose built campus is rising from prime land, less than three kilometers from KLCC, in Ampang Hilir. Although the school’s project budget of RM365 million will deliver a wonderful new school for the ISKL community, there are opportunities to provide some critical enhancements and to bring back some deferred elements in the plan through a fundraising campaign. Through naming and branding of key signature spaces and through community fundraising, we will ensure that the ISKL Ampang Hilir campus is complete, and that the names associated with it through naming share the story of our community and its families.

With the Community / For the Community

ISKL has long been known for its community - one where people of all backgrounds find a place and belong. Parents, students, alumni, and friends have all played a part in making the school what it is today. While we are building a new school campus in Ampang Hilir, ISKL is about building people. Young men, women, boys and girls here for a season or a lifetime, whose experience prepares them to lead lives as spirited global citizens.

As a community, it is important that everyone have the opportunity to participate and leave their legacy at ISKL. As such, opportunities to help range from RM1,500 for our special donor wall up to the naming of key spaces at higher gift levels. We will pool the money raised from the donor plaques, classroom naming and commons namings to fund the climbing center, grandstands at the main track, and other needs as they present. Naming of other, specific spaces spaces throughout the campus plan will enhance those specific spaces.

Our vision is to build the premier school of choice in Malaysia with a reputation for exceptional education world-wide. Join us in this journey; every gift helps.

Why is ISKL raising money for its new campus?

ISKL has been planning for a new purpose built campus for many years. Through carefully budgeting, stewardship of institutional resources, and limited borrowing, the school will open its purpose built campus in 2018 with a project budget of RM365 million, including 6% GST, which came into the project cost after the original budget had been set. The school sees a fundraising program as the opportunity to both enhance some facilities beyond the scope of the budget and to bring forward some elements which have been deferred initally. Our campaign offers all in the community the chance to participate and join us in ensuring delivery of a world class facility in support of a world class education.

Enhancements which will make a difference

Money raised from our community and corporate sponsors, will allow us to meet some critical needs for specific enhancements to key facilities. Fundraising for these enhancements will help ensure that the project stays on budget, while allowing the school to open with many of these items in place. Specifically, we will look to:

  • Purchase and install purpose built scoring systems for our Track and Field complex, Flexible pitch and Elementary School gym.
  • Complete the ISKL Aquatics Center, with state of the art systems for timing and scoring with appropriate starting blocks, score board, touch pads, and associated computer systems.
  • Upgrade and enhance furnishings and equipment in some key spaces, such as Commons areas used by students.

Bring back some deferred elements in the plan

To keep the project on time and on budget, several elements in the masterplan have been deferred in its first phase. These include:

  • The Concert Recital Hall and Black Box Theatre in the Performing Arts Center. These spaces represent the school’s most significant naming / branding opportunities and will require a sponsorship of RM3,000,000* for each.
  • A Rock Climbing Facility and Grandstand at the main Track and Field. Through community fundraising, we will pool money raised to bring back these elements which will cost approximately RM500,000 each.

* This reflects the minimum needed to complete the Aquatics Center, Concert Recital Hall, and Black Box Theatre. ISKL invites interested parties in these significant opportunities to discuss in detail the actual structure of the sponsorship, in conjunction with the Head of School and Director of Strategic Development, noting that all named spaces require the approval of the Board of Directors.