Find Yourself At ISKL – Apply Now For ISKL’s IBDP Scholarship Program!

Unlike many IBDP programs worldwide, ISKL offers the IBDP on a non-selective basis, meaning any student can undertake the Diploma. As a non-selective program, ISKL faculty ensure that each student is mentored and encouraged throughout the challenging two-year course of study.
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Home » ISKL Blog » Find Yourself At ISKL - Apply Now For ISKL's IBDP Scholarship Program!

Choosing the best school and curriculum may be one of the most challenging decisions parents have to make for or with their children.

At ISKL, we recognize these challenges and stand by our mission to provide students with an exceptional learning experience to cultivate their attitudes, knowledge, and understanding and become highly successful, spirited, socially responsible global citizens equipped with 21st-century skills.

Authorized to run the IBDP in 1989, ISKL is the longest-running IB World School in Malaysia. The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) is a rigorous two-year pre-university curriculum that leads to a qualification recognized globally. To gain the IB Diploma, students must study six subjects (three at Higher Level and three at Standard Level) and achieve the DP Core, which broadens their educational experience, granting opportunities to practice their knowledge and acquire the necessary skills.

Unlike many IBDP programs worldwide, ISKL offers the IBDP on a non-selective basis, meaning any student can undertake the Diploma. As a non-selective program, ISKL faculty ensure that each student is mentored and encouraged throughout the challenging two-year course of study.

The IBDP scholarship program, approved by The Ministry of Education Malaysia, has run for over 20 years. ISKL awards two Malaysian Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia leavers a scholarship to study the rigorous two-year IBDP. Since its inception, more than 30 scholarship beneficiaries have graduated from ISKL and attended prominent universities around the world. Last year, ISKL bequeathed the 2020-2021 IB Scholarship to Nurin A. and Yogita C, two exceptional Malaysian students.

IB Scholar Profile Yogita

“I chose the IB Diploma Programme because I trust that it will shape me into becoming a versatile student. It is also the best program to prepare me for the challenges of university life.” shares Yogita.

Nurin says, “I fully believe that all girls deserve a right to an education, just like me. I want to make a difference in the world someday and engage in matters that positively impact society. The IB program can shape me into a more well-balanced critical thinker and reflective person. I also hope to enroll in a prestigious university, study hard, and land a job that I will genuinely love. “

When asked about how they have adapted to studying virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns, Nurin said that despite the sudden change to online learning, she felt that ISKL handled it well as the students were not overwhelmed with block lessons. She says, “The classes were shortened instead, and students could meet with teachers after school when they needed help. My teacher, Ms. Amy Popovich, would let us play games and put us into breakout rooms to discuss questions, making it more interactive and allow us to see our friends that way. I do think online learning was challenging at the beginning, but we are quite used to it now.”

Both IB scholars mentioned that they appreciate the chance to make friends from different countries and meet like-minded people at school when discussing the topic of the community at ISKL.

Yogita shares, “I think everyone has been super friendly, and I’m proof of that because I’m generally a reserved person. So, when I was first starting school, I was quiet, but thankfully, I met people just like me – reserved.” She also thinks that her best memory so far at ISKL has been choir class, as she was able to converse with so many other students from different countries and cultures.

IB Scholar Profile Nurin

“One thing marvelous about ISKL is that I had the chance to make friends from so many different countries instead of just Malaysians. You realize you make lifetime friends that you didn’t think you would make so quickly in one year, especially not seeing them that regularly,” says Nurin.

ISKL Director of Admissions Julia Love says: “Each year, the standards of applications are remarkably high – we receive applications from highly qualified candidates with excellent academic results as well as having an extensive range of talents and passions.

“This well-balanced approach to student life typifies ISKL’s educational philosophy and our mission to support students to become socially responsible global citizens,” she said.

ISKL offers an outstanding international education that takes our students to places all around the world. Oxford, Princeton, Harvard, Yale, and the London School of Economics are just some of the leading universities ISKL’s Malaysian IB Diploma Scholarship recipients have gone on to attend after graduating.

ISKL’s class of 2021 has received over 300 acceptances and offers from over 130 universities in 12 countries crossing four continents. With acceptances from over 55 new universities in Canada, France, Hong Kong, Japan, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the USA, and the UK.

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