ES Tech Coordinator Steven Katz Presents at STEAM Webinar

Steven Katz, ISKL Elementary School (ES) Tech Coordinator, co-presents at Relocate Global webinar titled "The Importance of STEAM for children and the future."
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Home » ISKL Blog » ES Tech Coordinator Steven Katz Presents at STEAM Webinar

Kudos to Steven Katz, ISKL Elementary School (ES) Tech Coordinator, for co-presenting at a webinar this November titled “The Importance of STEAM for children and the future.”

The webinar organized by Relocate Global explored STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) in schools and discussed what this means in the educational context for students of all ages and how important this is against the current global skill shortages and fast-changing working environment.

Steven has been working at ISKL since 2015 and has an established career in Design and Technology and vast knowledge of education in international schools. During the webinar, he shared his insights on ways to support our youth in the next stage of education and when they enter the workforce.

Elementary student in the workshop
Steven with a group of ES students during a Tools Movie class.


Steven also conveyed to parents and educators watching the webinar, the benefits of taking fast-paced subjects, Design, Technology, and Engineering, that can lead to compelling careers in the creative, manufacturing, and digital sectors as well as global engineering and design companies and consultancies.

About Steven Katz: Steven is the Elementary School Technology Coordinator and has been with ISKL since 2015, where he loves working with students of all ages. During his career, he has been called upon to teach various subjects and has enjoyed his multiple roles, such as Director of Educational Technology, Professional Development Coordinator, and University Professor. Steve is an Apple Distinguished Educator, ISTE CAP Trainer, authorized Google Education Trainer, and Apple Professional Development Specialist, and he presents technology integration workshops regularly.

Find out more about Steve and his latest pursuits on his blog here.



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