The Instructional Program

The Middle School program is designed to provide quality academic and social experiences in a supportive environment. There are a variety of courses for all students, including required courses, year-long electives, required trimester courses (or wheel courses) and trimester electives. . The year-long required courses at all grade levels are Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Physical Education and World Languages. Year-long elective courses include Band, Choir, Strings or Yearbook.

With this mix of required and elective choices, students in the Middle School get a well-rounded educational experience which prepares them for success as they move to High School.

Core Classes:

Wheel (Required Electives)

Music or Elective


World Language
Physical Education

Grade 6: Health + Drama + (Art or Service Learning)

Grade 7: Health + Art + (Drama or Global Issues)
Grade 8: Health + Media Literacy + (Art or Drama)

Band, Choir, Strings*

Wide variety of trimester electives.

* Music is required for all Grade 6 students.

ISKL has the systems and structures to support success for English-language learners and students with learning needs. As a result, individual schedules may vary.