Malaysia Week

“Malaysia Week is a highlight of the Middle School program, and is an example of experiential learning at its best.”

A long-standing tradition and true highlight of the school-year is “Malaysia Week.” For one week every April, students engage in outdoor interdisciplinary education opportunities in the rainforests and coral reefs of Malaysia, making memories that will last a lifetime.

Students learn to work together as a community and deal positively with new situations, recognizing self-perceived limitations and challenging themselves to go beyond their comfort zones.

"Scuba diving in the ocean, I lock eyes with a friend who is eagerly pointing below him. He mouths 'turtle!'

Looking down, my heart racing, is a magnificent green turtle right before my eyes!"

– Yasi, Pakistan, Gr 8

Malaysia Week Goals

  • Learn a new skill or gain knowledge in an area not ordinarily found in the school curriculum.
  • Increase knowledge, understanding, enjoyment and appreciation of Malaysia.
  • Learn to co-operate in a group situation with peers as well as adults.
  • Reinforce skills and content from the existing curriculum.
  • Gain an increased sense of independence and responsibility.
  • Experience the positive aspects of living in a community.