The Instructional Program

The hallmarks of ISKL’s High School program are quality, choice and flexibility. ISKL is unique in offering a wide range of high-quality academic pathways that have been designed to enable every learner to choose the curriculum best suited to their abilities, interests, and aspirations. Learning focuses on developing future-ready skills: critical thinking and analysis, problem-solving, collaboration and the application of research techniques as well as offering exposure to a variety of perspectives.

Why different pathways?

We believe in the importance of providing students with a choice of pathways because: 

  • Learning is a highly personal endeavor – each student is unique and the flexibility of our programs means their differing needs and goals are supported. 

  • Technology and globalization are reshaping geopolitical and economic landscapes and we know how important it is for our students to be equipped with the competencies and dispositions they need to be future-ready.

  • Student voice and choice matters. Research* tells us that learning is enhanced and enduring when students are engaged in activities that are authentic, relevant and meaningful to them.

Grade 9 and 10

All Grade 9 and 10 students follow ISKL’s graduation requirements as outlined in the course guide. As students select their program of study, there is ample opportunity to choose different courses in the multiple department areas to meet individual interests and talents. This wide range of choices enables students to explore different subjects in preparation for future programs and Grade 11 and 12 course choices.

Students can elect to learn in either a conventional classroom setting where each subject is taught on a stand-alone basis or to enroll in PRAXIS 2030, an innovative interdisciplinary two-year program which reimagines the classroom experience.

Featuring a smaller learning community and flexible timetable, PRAXIS 2030 focuses on problem-based learning and situates the current science, English, social studies and art/design curriculum around a series of complex, compelling problems that demand an interdisciplinary approach. Mathematics, world language, and elective courses continue to be taught in the regular classroom setting.

PRAXIS 2030 fosters creative exploration, effective collaboration, and active problem-solving with learning anchored in complex, real-world challenges. This rigorous program has different classroom activities from the traditional stand alone subject areas, however, the learning targets and curriculum remain consistent with ISKL's alternative Grade 9 and 10 classes.  Whichever option students select in Grade 9 and 10, they all learn at the same high standard and are well-positioned to make the best-fit choice for their choice of study in Grade 11 and 12.

Grade 11 and 12

Students in Grade 11 and 12 have two options to choose from:

Each of these two-year pathways provides a comprehensive, relevant and challenging course of study that can be tailored to individual interests, strengths and goals.

All students who meet ISKL’s graduation requirements receive an ISKL High School Diploma which is equivalent to a U.S. High School Diploma, this includes students who complete the IB Diploma Programme and Pursuits Program.

*Linda Darling-Hammond, Lisa Flook, Channa Cook-Harvey, Brigid Barron & David Osher (2020) Implications for educational practice of the science of learning and development, Applied Developmental Science, 24:2, 97-140, DOI: 10.1080/10888691.2018.1537791

High School Program

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