Global Action Program


ISKL has steadily grown our Global Action Program (GAP). GAP increases students’ awareness of emerging global issues by involving them in a range of cultural, environmental, and service opportunities within Southeast Asia.

GAPs unique experiential learning provides students with hands-on opportunities to explore the physical and cultural environment of our amazing Asian neighborhood. Participation is compulsory for all High School students except those in Grade 12 who remain on campus to focus on the demands of their senior year.


2019 Global Action Program Grade 9 Expeditions


2019 Global Action Program Grade 10 Expeditions


2019 Global Action Program Grade 11 Expeditions

Program Goals

Build Resilience

Each student will enhance his/her ability to persevere when faced with:

1. the unknown and unfamiliar

2. perplexing obstacles

3. opposing viewpoints

and cultivate a confidence to view these turning points as opportunities to learn.

Build Community

Since being a productive team member is an essential 21st century skill, Travel Teams will strive to build supportive, inclusive, respectful relationships w/all team members, giving particular attention to those with diverse perspectives. Activities will emphasize creating a foundation of trust and an expectation of cohesive open-mindedness.

Active Social-Changemakers

In support of our mission to cultivate socially responsible global citizens, each Global Action Travel Team works to deepen their understanding of how economic, environmental, and political issues impact their partner GAP community while simultaneously investigating how to support communities in solving those needs.

Projects include working alongside communities with skilled tradesmen to build community shelters in areas devastated by earthquakes; houses from recycled materials; library extensions, toilet blocks, and playgrounds for schools; piping to access clean water; coral reef restoration structures; cleaner enclosures for endangered animals in wildlife sanctuaries; and a guesthouse for a remote village to earn tourist income to invest in better healthcare for the village.


Brian Hall
Global Action Program (GAP) Director
P: +603 4813 5003


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