Following the International School Counseling Model, our counselors provide a comprehensive counseling program to meet the social/emotional and academic needs of all High School students through a variety of delivery methodologies including a grade level pastoral advisory program, grade level seminars, small group and individual counseling sessions. Counselors stay current on university admission worldwide and provide individual and group university counseling.

Ongoing collaboration with students, parents, teachers, administrators and the school psychologist regarding health and well being of our student body is at the heart of the counseling program.

ISKL counselors provide guidance to help each student achieve maximum social, emotional and academic success. They assist families through a smooth transition into the ISKL community, and later assist the family in the transition to their next location. High School Counselors assist students in academic course selection to create individualized programs that meet each student's interests and abilities.
College Placement 
Our counselors help raise the profile of ISKL’s High School program with university outreach initiatives. They visit universities, stay current on international admissions policies and maintain relationships with university admission representatives. Each year, our counselors provide workshops on the university selection process for various countries. Comprehensive reference materials on universities, financial aid, and career choices are available for students and their families to review. They also provide support for students who are interested in taking American university entrance exams such as SATs (Scholastic Aptitude Tests) or American College Test (ACT).
Our school psychologist provides a multitude of services for our students. These include but are not limited to; short-term counseling for students and if needed the family, crisis intervention, program development for our high risk students, accommodation applications for external exams, collaboration with community-based psychiatrists to monitor students dealing with mental health issues or taking medication, referrals to outside agencies for assessments, and as an important member of our administration, counseling and Student Resource Team (SRT).


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